Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Mushie Baby Speaks Out

The world's biggest weasel, topping even George W. Bush and Arjun Singh speaks out today, and I love this. I mean, I've heard it before but he just puts it so damn well.

"Does one call terrorists in Sri Lanka Hindu terrorists? Why is Pakistan's bomb called an Islamist bomb? Why is India's bomb not called a Hindu bomb and that of Israel as a Jewish bomb?"

Umm...lets see. The reason a lot of people, shudder, use the word Islamic Terror, Islamo-Fasicism is that rightly or wrongly, its being done in the name of Islam. Sri Lanka's terrorists want a Tamil, not hindu homeland, and thus they are branded Tamil Terrorists (tigers, whatever have you). I wasn't exactly aware Israel had a bomb, though I garauntee you when they finally announce that they do, it'll be called a Jewish Bomb.
See, when terrorism is done in the name of something, to do this wonderful thing called differentiation, so that people know what you're talking about, we attach tags and names to things. Therefore, terrorism done in the name of Chairman Mao, god burn his soul, is called Maoist Terrorism. Terrorism done in the name of Islam is called Islamic terrorism. If this kind of association pisses you off,Mr. Musharraf as an Islamic Moderate any more or less than it would piss a Tam Bram off that people are calling the Tamil Tigers Terrorists, or piss a hindu moderate off when the world Hindu Fundamentalism is used in conjunction with RSS/Shiv Sena, then I think you've gone a long way in justifying the otherwise ludicrous opinions of the west vis as vis Islamophobia.

But sigh, who are we as Indians to lecture Mushie on the question of offending sensibilities. This is my country which banned Da Vinci Code, Water, Fire, The Satanic Verses, Coke, Pepsi, The display of Nude Art, and about a thousand other things because it "offended someone's sensibilities". I wish people would grow up, but then I read our constitution and realise they're not going to. Because our freedoms are not absolute, so they don't have to care.

Such is life.

I'm very busy. And very happy. I think I'm in love. Again. It keeps happening every so often. Quite pleasing.

Sunday, September 03, 2006

With Portifolio

I'm exiting my teens. As of tomorrow, I'm in the 20th year of my life. I'm currently in denial, however, and just as I've not been single for two and a half years(a now fixed period of time that shan't change for a good while), I'm going to be 18 for another 2-3 years. The way I see it, I still pass off for 16-17 so I have no honest right to claim that I'm no longer a teenager. So sucks to anyone who thinks they're going to make me older than I actually am.

I'm with portifolio now. I've been elected (heh) to the post of President of the SMU Debating Society. We have a logo now, and a catchy tag line. I'm very impressed.

Finance Jokes

No. They don't work. They're just simply wrong. I've been subjected to Finance-related-jokes by Prof Who Shall Not Be Named(I have to learn to be politically correct and diplomatic now that I'm with Portifolio). These are so cringe worthy that I've even lost my patience for jokes on maths and science. Afore mentioned Prof is also a megalomaniac and makes me look like a humble and modest youth (can I stress the word youth a little more to you people, I'm so not ready to get older).
Sample these gems.

"No Finance, no Romance"
"Random. Its a word, its origins are from Randy"
"Arbritage: There's always a sucker and a suckee. Don't be a sucker."
"For those of you who have a liquidity crisis, go ahead. Have more liquids or go do whatever you have to." (The most disturbing way EVER to announce a bathroom break)
"Why is Internal Rate of Return called the dog's metric? Because when you say it really fast, it sounds like IRR IRR IRR (eye-aarr-aar eye-aar-aar eye-aar-aar)."
The last particular one sort of loses its effect without Prof barking like a dog. I'm sad to say I mean that literally.

Suffice to say, this term shall drive me insane.