Wednesday, December 31, 2003


Happy New Year! Its a cold start, but we're in the wrong hemisphere, thats all.

I surpassed myself yesterday, and actually had fun on new years day. I was at a party organised by my parents and family friends, (the Jolly's), and held at their house, and this would have been an awful bore, but I called Gyan, PC and Manav along. So instead of getting bored, and having sad story to share the next morning, we had a good time, and can claim to have been out on new years this year. Yay. Ultimate achievement.

Well, the music wasnt very good at the beggining, so after failed efforts to get ourselves dancing, me and Gyan that is, we decided to head out for a walk. We returned 15 mins to midnight, and the music had got better. So we danced till new years, and then a bit after. We then proceeded to have Chocolate Truffle Cake, making it the 5th time in 7 days that I gorged on Chocolate Truffle, my opinions on which have already been discussed.

Well, then, the cheps had to return, so we went for lambi saair, first dropping Gyan off to his place, and then proceeded to PC's. We had long enlightening conversations on our walks, some of which were actually pretty lucid. Then Manny got nostalgic, and we told him to put a cork in it. Nostalgia is a bad thing. It prevents you from making new things to be nostaligic about.
Prateek and me have grown up, by the way. So I think its time we reverse our bet. First won there wins, Sir, instead of last.

After dropping PC, we proceeded to get caught in E block, as all the gates were closed. We finally found an open gate around 1 25 in the morning, and then I told manav that we were going to jog, as we were late in returning. So I got the poor chap to jog for the first time in years, and he actually managed 5 minutes before conking out. Its quite and invigorating experience, and seeing how I again need to lose weight, but have no intentions of getting up in the morning, I shall go on night jogs.

So we reached Archana in five, and took ten minutes more to get back to the place, again due to locked gates. What this city's obssesion with locking gates is is beyond me. They can at least keep the smaller gates for people open. Terrible, terrible.

Manav, by the way, is on his way to Kerala, on the 6 o'clock flight. Lucky lucky dog. And he had the gall to complain about it. Terrible, terrible.

Well, its been a pretty decent start, but then there's not been a lot of it.

Resolutions? I'll make them up as and when I need them. Todays resolution is to score 1500 + again. That is all.

Monday, December 29, 2003

Woo Hoo!

After a lot of bitching about barrons, today, I'm quite happy with it. This sudden change of heart much prompted by the fact that I just managed to get a 1600 on the full length test today.

So excuse my fickle mind, just this once, and let me revell in my minor glory.

Hehe. As I am often fond of saying, every that you say, at some point in time will come back to bite you in the ass. For once, thats a good thing.

Nine Pins

My SAT practice is not going well. I'm doing papers without prior preparation, from a terrible book named Barrons, and I think its time I took some help in the maths, as I have forgotten all my tricks in triangles and number systems. Bah.

I had lunch today, with company, which was highly enjoyable. (Both lunch and company). I also continued my chocolate binging by having Dark Temptation at Barista following my luncheon at Yo! China(Chinese fast food, if you will believe it).

Then, feeling guilty at the massive tond I am putting on, I decided to walk back home. Considering I had already walked to Palam Marg to drop Vidz off at a friends, it wasn't that far. This, of course, is going by my standards, not you fat lazy lot that don't care to stretch your legs a little.

What comes to my attention at this meet, is that my friends, and some who are not my friends, and pretty much everyone in the interact club who qualifies as male(no guesses for who doesnt), are getting girlfriends. And its all happening very quickly. And there seems to be only one left. Prateek.

Is he next? Is he going to be the last man standing? These are very pertinent questions, as if he too falls, then hope for bachelor-panti takes a major hit.

But why this sudden rush, anyways? Its almost like mob syndrome. It seems very fishy. And its not even spring, its freezing cold. The only thing a young mans fancy can take to in this weather is warm Gajar Ka Halwa.

Well, apparently not. I have been proven wrong. So I'll resign myself, and wish all company involved the very best, and hope it lasts long. At least untill april, when we can all enjoy life again.

Nine Pins

My SAT preparation is not going well. I'm praticing from Barrons, which is really demoralizing, and I've forgotten all my tricks in Triangles, and Number Systems, which means I need to do some maths practice. Otherwise I'm not going to imporve my maths scores. Which is really bad, cos my critical reading is going from bad to worse.

Well, after a rather bad Mock SAT, I had a rather good lunch. I went to lunch to Vasant Lok, with company, minus Gyan and Damini, who conspicuously shafted us. Unfortunate. It was enjoyable. We ate at Yo China, which offers SST chinese (who'd have thought) fare. SST, for the uninitiated, stands for Sundar, Sasta and Takaoo.

Then we were Minus Manav and PC, who had to head of for tuition. So I had my dessert at Barista, having the Dark Tempatation, which was as usual, amazing. In mine, and Vrinda's exact words, nothing can possibly be too chocolatey.

As usual, we met about Hazaar log at Vasant Lok. And since Vidz was there, she met about Das Hazaar, as she has the largest network I have seen. A credit to her, really.

Well, I felt guilty about the amount I've been eating lately, and I happened to perchance at my stomach, which is starting to assume proportions that do not please me, and decided that I should walk back from Vasant Lok. Considering I had to walk Vidz to her friends in C Block, and ended up at Olof Palam Marg walking anyways, where I unsuccesfully tried to meet No Longer Fatty, it wasnt that far walking. That is by my standards, of course. Only 40 mins from there.

Quite a few of my friends, and acquintances, and pretty much every guy in the Interact Club have gone and got girlfriends. And its all happened really fast. The last man standing in interact (and I mean man, in the strictest definition) seems to be PC.

Will he be the next to fall? Will I be the last bachelor left? These are pertinent questions. One can only hope that there is some sense left in the world.

Its strange really. Its not spring. Its effing cold, in fact, and the only real thing that a young mans fancy turns to in this weather is Gajar Ka Halwa.

Well, I've been proved wrong. There's something in the air, so I'll just accept it, and wish all you guys best of luck, and hope everything is hunky dory, and remains so till April, when we can enjoy life again. (Summer starts)

And to those of us who can't seem to get gels, but want to, the Frustrated One Sided Lovers Association of IIM, case in point, this only goes to show that there is still hope.

Saturday, December 27, 2003


It rained today. The mercury dipped lower, and there's a chilly wind thats compounding the misery of the whole matter. In the words of Rowan Atkinson, I think the phrase I'm looking for rhymes with clucking bell.

So what is one to do in this awful weather? If you're not an IIT aspirant like me, its pretty much practice for you SAT, and eat chocolate cake, but that is a whole other story.

What we are going to do is go out for lunch. (I hope) Monday has been chosen as an appropriate day to break bread, and I'll be damned if I'm going to spend another day at home. These are holidays. They are meant to be enjoyed.

Getting everyone together, of course, is a major challenge. It is, this time, compounded with the additional burden of getting Gyan and Manav together in one restraunt. They have some sort of problem with each other right now. God knows why. Methinks its got something to do about a girl. Terrible, when that happens. One hopes sincerely that the effort is worth it.

Thats all for now.

PS : Gyan, tera hua, ab mera kya hoga?

Wednesday, December 24, 2003

On Hair

Firstly, I've been sick. My stomach has decided to give up on me, which is very bad, as it is really needed this winter. Its cold, and I have a lot of food to eat.
I shall be going for an ultrasound sometime this week, and I really hope at this point that I am not pregnant.
Well, to the point.
A debate has been conducted this week, between esteemed members of Interact Club (hereby refered to as Shashibala's Children).

It basically revolved around what kind of hair is the best.

For some reason, unmentioned people chose straight hair as the best. These people have obviously not seen Almost Famous, or Dil Chahta Hai. And if they have, it must not have had much of an impact. Half the charm of both Preity Zinta and Kate Hudson is lost if they have straight hair. Curls compliment dimples. Visit my brothers blog for more on the subject of dimples.

The lone voice of sanity in this discussion was Prateek(PC), who in a desparate attempt to get into Damini's good books once again said that wavy hair was the best(its actually curly).

Methinks it was all just to keep balance, as Prateek spent much of today inserting Pens and Pencils into Daminis wavy hair.

Its because they stuck there, by the way. (The pencils and pens)

Holidays have started, and through consistent effort, I have managed to remove most interesting things, people and places from my life. (Pattaya not included)

Thus, with a life now boring enough, I choose to do what all boring people do. Broadcast it over the internet.

So here we go.