Saturday, July 31, 2004

Friendly Neighbourhood Spider-Man 2

Yeah, yeah, I got around to seeing Spidey 2 todays. Want a review? There are better ones availible on The Movie Blog, so I'll just shut up, and say that I enjoyed the movie, even though others thought it was too senti, and not enough kickass action. It was more of a movie about Peter Parker than Spidey, and how he has to come to terms with his own life.
The ending, however, is kinda corny, and we were as a result making lots of sarky comments to the same. We first confused it with Kal Ho Na Ho, and later realised it was actually more of a Dil Chahta Hai.

Anyhow, thanks to Copal for somehow managing to get us together for movie, and providing us very decent lunch afterwords. If I can procure some of the nicer diggie photo's of the event, including very...suggestive ones, I might put them on blog. Only time will tell.

Karan, meanwhile, has been reading and blogging on one of my fav things in science, quantum physics, and more particularly, Schroedinger's Cat. Do check out his blog, the link is on the sidebar. I also reccomend you all read Carl Sagan's Cosmos, and a couple of other books by the same.
Also reminded me of a good joke. Unfortunately, those of you using internet explorer, and not mozilla, will not get it.
In fact, those of you who do not know about Schroedinger's cat will also not get it, so go read Karan's blog first.
Schroedinger's cat is not dead.

Friday, July 30, 2004

March finally Passed

Yeah, so we had our big fat DPS investiture today, over halfway through our term. Its basically a big old excuse to get Salman Khurshid and Narender Kumar over, for some odd reason, because, quite frankly, we're a little sick of them. Fine, President and Chairman, DPS society and all, but for crissake! They're here all the time!

Anyhow, it lead me to make quite a few discoveries. Lets list them out.

  1. Doing things I despise hurts my essense. Meaning: I got acidity the night before, and the day of march past, and it went away right after the whole rigmarole.
  2. When a hell of a lot of people are made to dress up in a manner that reaches the broader limits of audacity, the whole looks a lot better than the individual. Meaning: 100 twits marching looking like a bunch of deranged politicians look a lot better than just me dressed up like deranged politician.
  3. Minus the tiranga sash, and Nehru (may he live a thousand lives as a Chinese Massuese in one of their industrial hamlets) Topi, I look quite decent in simple kurta pyjama.
  4. I still have the amazing gift of saying the wrong thing, very loudly, at the wrong time.
  5. Oh, unrelated, but at tuition today, I formulated my great law of mathematics. "Two rights will eventually lead you back to the same thing". This law was first postulated for Componendo-Dividendo, which, by the way, if you do twice to the same expression ,you end up with the original expression. Now, this is just a one step deal. In integration, you can go five six steps, do a lot of work, and still end up with what you started with. Its incredible.
I'm pretty sure I made a few more, but I can't recall right now. All in all, after the conclusion of horridness in the morning, it ended up being quite a nice day.

That is all.

Thursday, July 29, 2004

IQuiz, bey!

Todays, we organised, conducted, generally had good time at the very first standalone interschool quiz at DPS, R.K. Puram, IQuiz, 2004.
The event, itself, could not have gone off better. Everything just clicked. More schools turned up that had confirmed with us, people who said they wouldn't did, and we got 24 schools, which is really impressive.
First and foremost, me would take opportunity to thank Bongo, and Jayant, for their excellent and high quality of questions, which were appreciated by everyone present. Next, one would thank Beta Manau, and Sud, for working damn hard over last few days, when disaster struck, with invitatations, and everyone who worked their butts off today, whether at regdesk, food, scoring, whatever. Brilliantly organised event, and kudos all around.

The winners, of course ,were MIS, who were on really good form today, and made us realise tha we're going to have to do a lot of work if we're to win Columban. Also found out that we are in the same pool as them, so its going to be competition right from the quaters.

On related MIS story, yesterday I was randomly told by Aditya Syag, and Chuhi that some random person in MIS, who's elder brother was an ex-dipsite, randomly now wants to beat me up. This all seemed to random, and methinks he has the wrong guy. Still, me will keep wary and watchful glances next time I enter MIS....
This is a very arbit world we live in.

Tuesday, July 27, 2004

Happy Birthday Copal!

Copal Dahling turns 17 todays. Thats Kilograms, not years, by the way. She's putting on a bit of weight. Might have something to do with the 6 pieces of cake we force fed her todays.
Anyhow, she got nice budday present from Vrinda, which brings me to more interesting topic than this staid, and oft repeated one, which will continue time and time again. Well, once a year, at any rates.
You see, the budday present in question was wrapped in this wonderful thing called

Bubble Wrap!

Bubble wrap is one of mankinds greatest inventions. Besides being a great cushioning agent, it's also one of the most fun things on the planet, ranking right up there with Shiny Stuff, and elephant jokes. There is just this overwhelming desire to pop the damn things, and me and PC's enthusiasm for the same even spread to those who would like to believe themselves to be mature young adults, who do not indulge in childish activities.
(Oh, we also fought for Bubble Wrap, with usual loud grunting, but I won this time)
Back to the point. Popping the bubbles besides from being hypnotically fun, is also therapetic, and I had a wonderful day as a result, with big old smile on my face.
They should keep huge sheets of bubble wrap in classrooms, so whenever you've had a bit of a rough time, you can tear off a piece, and pop away.

Monday, July 26, 2004

No need to go down...Stairs!

Ah, what a wonderful day it was. Aside from the joke of rainfall that we recieved, which is, quite frankly, Indradev's way of saying "Nyah Nyah, suckers", and the horrendous march past practice, it was everything Mondays generally aren't.
First, I had a decent Physics Monday test, in which I may get 23, if I'm lucky. Thats on 25, so me understandably happy.
Then, during end of MT, one finds out that our class has finally been shifted to first floor of F Block, ending our days of misery on the third floor.
Now, it used to be fine and all when we were in 11th, and had lots of company up on third floor, but in 12th, all other sections are posted either on first, or second floors of E or F block. We've been up all alone, and its been terrible. Aside from the ignominity of having the climb three goddamn flights of stairs just to reach ones class, and various trips up and down for reaching any other class, the third floor is amazingly hot, compared to closer to ground level classes. Also now poor Copal dear no longer has to go down...stairs.

I've got into a good bit of trouble, apparently, with some Bewnis from Humanities, as they have taken some strange offence to being called the Dregs. Firstly, I cannot take credit for coining the phrase, "Dregs of Humanities"(though I wish I could). The phrase itself was coined by one Manav Kapur, and has merely been adopted by us for describing the general breed of a DPS humanities student. One must say that it is quite a clever pun. Anyhow, the Bewnis have responded with an even cleverer come back of their own. They're calling us, (dramatic pause) The Dregs of Science!
Well, creative they are not, but hey, lets give them five on five for effort. They've even made noises about setting up a hate blog dedicated to flaming me. Wow. I feel honoured.

Switch topic.
Our class has outdone itself, for our class assembly, we have chosen the topic "Monsoon", and me expected to deliver speech on the same. Gaah. Methinks I shall narrate story of Indra's thousand eyes, just to smite the bugger, and prevent getting Tamatars thrown at me.

Saturday, July 24, 2004

School Love Part Deux

You absolutely have to love our school. This is typo on English Monday test, of all things. Hehe.

Friday, July 23, 2004

Top Dog

Ah, being male brings with it great struggles for power and dominance. Sure, it helps if you're six foot something, and 90 kilos, but even us little folk indulge in the fight for being Top Dog.

See picture below, on previous post. This is whom my fight for Top Dog position usually occurs with, PC. What do we fight for? Sadly, the cool things aren't really acceptable in our society anymore. We can't go at each other for the right to mate with the most desired female, because then most desired female would turn her nose at both of us, and go off with the sweet sensitive underdog. We can't fight for territory, because we don't really have any, and we can't fight for status and respect, because we already have that. Well, we did, that is, before you started reading this post.

Because this is what we fight for. The right to play with assorted objects, ranging from stress-busters (the things you sqeeze in your hand), to assorted soft toys/shiny things/generally Archies Gallery Nonsense brought by our female friends to school.
The fights themselves are spectucular displays. We both grab onto required object, get a decent grip, and then start yelling Nyah! Nyah! at each other, till one of us gives up, or looses grip. Winner gets the spoils for all of five minutes, after which, this process will repeat, and the chap who lost the last time will inevitably win the next. This will be followed by further Nyahing, and will end up in more simple grunts.

See what we poor menfolk of the 21st century have to resort to. Ah, for the times where you could bonk each other on the heads with large battering clubs. Where have those golden days gone?

Thursday, July 22, 2004

DPS is a funny funny place. Now, I ask you, could the two gents above ever be considered even moderately attractice(two gents being me and PC)?

Lets face it, PC looks like an overgrown kid, and I just look fast asleep. In any other school of Delhi, we'd be cast aside as evil gargoyles, not fit to be included in decent conversation. Except we're in DPS, and in DPS, people, and more specifically, members of the opposite sex, are insane.

This is why PC has a couple of Dregs (of Humanities) staring and following his ass around, and loudly commenting on it. This is why stranger, nuttier eleventhies seem to think I'm an acceptable pass for someone you can have a crush on.

This is why I love my school. There's hope for the least of us. Well, almost, hehe.

Monday, July 19, 2004


Me and Vrinda(Vrinda and I, for the pedants) were looking for constants in life, to cheer us up, as well, things aren't that constant right now. You know how they say everything changes, and the only constant is change? Well, they're mostly right, because we came up with pretty much squat. The only few constants we could find weren't anything to take much light from. Examples of this include Abhishek Raman's stupidity, which is a constant value close to the speed of light(3X10^8), and the fact that Manav will inevitably do something at the wrong time.
Other examples were far more depressing, and included Safdarjung Enclave's staid and boring Central Market, whose most remarkable development in 16 years of my life has been the change of the major provision store's name from Machanda's, to Citi-Store(Yay...).

On the other hand , there are these insane amounts of constants in physics and chemistry, which are highly bugging, as they have large decimal place multipliers accompaning them. Ten raised to the power of nineteen is a bit much for life.

But then, change can be good too, I would pretty much like change right now, rather than continue with current scenario types. Its a constant fight, me thinks.

Did they get you to trade, cold comfort for change?

Sums it up pretty well, I think. Except that our constants aren't much comfort right now.
So I think I'll take change this once. May interesting things start happening to me.

Writing is quite thereputic in times like these, though, so there are probably going to be a profusion of blog entries over the next two weeks, at least till the Columban, where I'm doing pretty much jack all aside from hitting my books(in frustration, of course).

Ah, I think I have found in this keyboard a vent for all pent up frustapa, and thingummys.

Good, good.

Sunday, July 18, 2004

Captain Stupidity and Unstereotypical Quizzers

Firstly, on Captain Stupidity, Sourav Ganguly. This man loves to experiment. Now, experimenting when the chips are down is a great thing, and I approve, but what in gods name is the point of sending in Parthiv Patel to open the innings when you have not one, not two, but THREE of the worlds top openers in your squad.
Then, of course, there was his dismissal, you have to love that.
Ganguly is the only player in our team who doesn't perform consistently, and the only reason he has a place in the side is because he's captain, and we kind of keep winning, no ruddy thanks to him.
Secondly, me all braced for maths monday test, and pray for no silly mistakes come tomorrow.

Ah, thirdly, a topic that my brother was going to take on, but didn't, so I thought I'd offer my two cents on the matter.
See, here's the thing. Quizzers in our fair country, and specifically, in a very Punjabi Dominated Delhi, are almost exclusively Bangaali, South Indian(specifically Tams, but not always), and occasionally, Biharis. One thing quizzer's are not, is Punjabi. (Another thing quizzers are not is girls, but that is a completely separate and unfortunate story in itself)
So this is the strange bit, DPS's school team, which I am a part of, is completely Punjabi, if one includes Anurag, who is pretty much Punjabi, owing to the abscence of a great Multani community. And like my brother, we also get quite lost in a group dominated by Bangaali quizzers, and Bangaali quizmasters. There are all sorts of questions in there that simply cannot be answered unless you are Bangaali, or in love with Bengal.
Along with this, we get pretty funny stares a lot of the time, well I do, because quizzers generally aren't used to the kind of brashness and lack of social decorum that Punjabiyat provides you. Quizmasters, especially, are quite taken aback, but hey, thats my fault.
On top of this, Punjabis are openly perverted, and this gives us an edge. As a team, we can answer every single dirty question that comes our way, to the surprise of the quizmasters who set them in thinking no acche bacche kids are going to be able to answer this. A typical example of this happened at Kanpur, where the QM was very very surprised that a bunch of school kids knew that J'Lo and Brad Pitt's asses in Madame Tussade's had been made sqeezable(don't ask me why).

Hehe, so such is the nature of things in our little world.

Match is looking in doom like situation right now, and me needs good nights sleep types. If miracles happen, I shall know in the morn.

Saturday, July 17, 2004

Point of Minima

Yesterday has been officially identified by me as the point of local
minima in my existential curve(Oh, by the way, I've been doing a lot of
maths today). From here on, things can only pretty much look up, and
guess what? They did.

I had a wonderful day. Fine, it wansn't wonderful in my happy happy joy
joy sense, but when you've been having a hard time, you take what you
get. Firstly, after ages, I got all of 7 and a half hours of sleep, and
woke up at a reasonably decent 5 30(as opposed to 4 AM). At this bright
and early hour, I discovered that Karate Kid was showing, and watched
it after ages. Reminded me what I needed to know, baby, "Must have

Around sevenish, I sat down to study, and finished tangents and
normals. Then I had a wonderful breakfast, with eggs, sesame toasted
bread, Gouda Cheese, and of course my favorite juicy, luscious pears.

After breakfast, me sent off application for Correspondance course for
Law Entrance. Then got down to doing Increasing/decreasing functions.
Finished that too. Then had tuition class, where did more work. For the
first time in months, I have actually been motivated to work, and have
thus done a good job of it. One hopes rich dividends will result, will
wait and see.

Then the most amazing thing happened. After a seemingly neverending
drought, Lord Indra finally decided enough was enough, and bestowed us
with some rain, right when my class ended. This gave me wonderful
opportunity to get drenched, while Abeer Chuha ranted and complained
about how his mobile phone was going to get zonked.

Returned home, and did YET MORE MATHS!(Maxima/Minima, by the way) I
don't think I've ever done this much work for monday test. Well, enough of this, I tell you another fun story.

Lord of the Flies

This season is also a time when flies abound all over the place, and
are wont to buzz around and irritate you. Last year, I discovered my
hidden superpower. I am, in addition to a lot of other titles, Lord of
the Flies!

Flies don't bother me once I tell them the buzz off. When I tell them
to bugger off, they go fly up other guys pants. They generally don't
bother me, once I tell them so, and will seemingly buzz around anyone
or anything else, to others irritation.
Now, people didn't believe me last year, but since it has continued
this year, they're starting to think there's something to it. Jezebels
such as Copal, and Damini now admit that it seems to work. Let that be
a point to all disbelievers, beware the awesome might of The Lord of
the Flies!

Friday, July 16, 2004

Life, Don't talk to me about life

Oh, today's just been a brilliant day. In fact, the whole week has been one big mistake. Its one of those times when you just want to go to sleep, wake up a day later, and forget everything, except I can't even do that, as I'm getting all of six hours of sleep a day, of my own damn will(well, my body's, anyway).

DIVERSION: By the way, MTV at five in the morning is quite good. They play a lot of classic rock, and have videos you'll never have seen before. I saw the uncut light my fire, in concert today, along with a host of decent stuff. Some advantages of getting no sleep.

Back to the point. Firstly, doom hit as expected. My exam results were unbelievably bad, and I have plenty of opportunity to "learn from my mistakes, and prepare for the boards".
For all you nosy parkers who want a quantification of how terribly I did, how does 76% sound?

Right, so after that, you'd think things would start looking up, but no. Now I have to organise a debate for class 12, who are all in decent depression after exams, and are preparing for Monday test to make up for it. This basically means that no one in their right minds will want to participate, so the debate will be quite a flop. Thankfully, later this day, I managed to get the debate postponed by a week. This will be "a good thing", and all might turn out to be fine again.

Then, of course, the day got better. There was "President's Meeting", where they called presidents of all clubs, and informed them that March Past Practice would be beggining, for our investiture ceremony. Frr crissakes, investiture now? We've been on active duty for three months!
Ah, but its at any rate an excuse to make us look as stupid and out of place as humanly possible, and ruin our mornings, because, hey, don't we just deserve it?
Anyhow, since all my science classes are in the morn, I shall not be attending the March Past practice, come whatever the consequences. I'll get a lot of yellings, thats for sure, but hey, lets balance the scales over here. On one side, worst case scenario suggests that I get yelled at and excommunicated, ruining half an hour of my day, on the other hand, I miss classes, don't understand anything, get horrible marks, have an "understanding" Chem Teacher tell me that those horrible marks are perfectly acceptable(which makes it worse), put those horrible marks on my college transcripts, and get no scholarship. Then, assuming I don't make it to law school, I get no decent college, and the next four years of my life might pass something like Bhaiyya's college years. So its not a major brainer. I'm picking the yelling over the, excuse me for the melodramitic tinge, ruining of life. Karan is in Cahoots with me on this one, and we shall plead our case come Monday. Expectedly, we shall be a big big let down to our teachers, but hey, life's like that.

The choice, however, is not as easy for my friends in higher places, PC and Damini, who are pretty much obligated to go for "March Past". Ah, well, its their life, and their path. Mine not to reason why.

Anyhow, all will work out in the end. I have unerring belief in that. As long as I do what I feel is right.

Yeah, fine, I'm upset. So I'll shut up now.

Wednesday, July 14, 2004


Ah, its that time of the year again. Actually, this time of the year comes around very very rarely, some years, never at all. This year, with the grace of god, it has.

Yeah, I'm babbling, but hey, pears have arrived. They come only ever so often, the nice ones, that is, the ones that drip juice, and dissolve in your mouth. They come for all of three weeks in a year, and then dissapear with haste.

Pears are, by far, the nicest fruit. There are, of course, two kinds. The first are nasty, and hard, and have no juice. The second kind are my favorite, and are here at last. So I'm going to have a grand old time, and enjoy them while they last (which is not very long)


Ah, impending doom will finally hit tomorrow.

Monday, July 12, 2004

inQUIZition returned

WooHoo! We held inQUIZition today, our quiz as I have mentioned before.
We had chief guests and all, namely Siddharth "Bongo" Banerjee, and Arvind "censored" Bhaskar.
Barring the mandatory screw ups with the Audio Round, and scoring related hassles, it was a great success, and the eleventh team that won looks like they'll go far in life. They answered a good deal of questions, and since just about all the questions we asked were nice juicy ones, we were much enthralled.
On a personal note, I had a ball as quizmaster, hehe, I think I might get addicted to it, and not go back to quizzing at all.
The stage, by the way, is a major addiction, if you get over your initial fears. Once on it, its really hard to get off.

On an even more personal note, sometime during the day these couple of giggly girls from class 11 came up to me to ask my name, giggled, and said "You're the Quiz Guy, right?" Now, if girls are to giggle, they should be in class 11 or 12, or Maria Sharapova, but under no circumstances should they be old crazy-women-married-to-Senile-Quizmasters
Hehe, this of course gave me cheap kicks, but everyones allowed those, right?

Qualifying was great too, with lots of teams scoring enough points, we had very few teams getting ones and twos, which we have been used to in the past, and had a tiebreaker for qualifying at 7 out of 21, which is very encouraging. DPS will put good fight at Columban.

On even better news today, our planned interschool quiz is now definitely on, as school has agreed to fund. No if only we could think of a name for it...any suggestions?
This made everyone involved much happy and joyous.

Oh, but there was bad news too. My english and economics marks came out today, and made me very concerned, and not at all happy and joyous.
But I guess the good outweighs the bad. Besides, I have to keep my mood up, my chem marks are yet to come.

Friday, July 09, 2004


Yeah, yeah, so Quiz Club, along with me and PC are organising and holding inQUIZistion(corny, ain't it?), an inter section quiz for classes 11 and 12th on Monday, in the first four periods. It oughta be good fun, the questions are nice and workable(most of them), and it oughta be quite competetive. A lot of enthusiastic eleventhies wanted details about the stuff, so we're expecting good participation, too.

So any dipsites in the age group reading this are of course encouraged to take part. Worst comes to worst, you miss the first period, while giving qualifying.

Statuatory warning to anyone ever giving a quiz who's questions are prepared by me and PC. To get a lot of the answers, you have to think like us, and please bear in mind that we're a couple of filthy perverts.

Columban Invitations

Ah, it was a big old day for quizzing. The invitations for the Columban Open Quiz arrived. Its on the 5th, 6th, and 7th of August, and the prize money's finally up (yay). This year, its being done my Aditya Mubai, and one hopes he can keep it at its high standards., its nice again.

Wednesday, July 07, 2004

DIPS DIARY dissapointments

Ah, the dips came out today, first day of school and everything. While I have got a few articles, and my favorite short story in there, they have, however, failed to put in my all time favorite poem (self composed one, that is), Cheshire Man, on the pretext that it was too long.

So fine, its a 950 word poem, which spreads into three A4 sheets, but still. Its a fantastic piece of work, I put a lot of work into that thing.

So I'm going to put it up here. Without futher adieu, I present to you, Cheshire Man! Its a bit of a long read, but bear with it.

Cheshire Man

Once upon a time, in a land close by
It was a dark and dreary night
And I was lost, without a light
Astray in the back alleys did I roam
And prayed to find my way back home
When all at once, by night’s good chance
A smiling face I happened to glance
From the mists haste he did appear
And took me to where my house drew near

But before we parted, a burning fire
In my mind possessed me to enquire

“My mother dearest tells me of dangers
And pleads me not to talk to strangers
So tell me your name, if you please can”
“Why dear child, I’m Cheshire Man”

“Well, Cheshire Man, now you’re no stranger
And I shouldn’t be in danger
Pray tell sir, if so be your grace
What for the broad grin on your face”

And for the briefest moment changed his mug
And his smile seemed to grow to smug
And all at once he seemed to terrify
As I saw a glint in his evil eye

“O child of wonder”, the man reckoned
“Come hither”, to me he beckoned
And held me close, to close to breathe
“I’ll let you guess what my smile does sheath”
A single shot, and pray you’re right
And I will bless you with your heart’s delight
But if indeed you answer wrong
You could feel like this all life long”
And at that moment I saw him scowl
And it opened to me things unholy and foul
“Dear lad, that was just a sample
You’ll feel far worse than that example”

And at that moment, I could have fled
But was anchored down by what he said
Who could ever doubt his case?
Who could doubt that smiling face?
And whatever could be his crafted hell
My wildest guess I had to tell

OH, that’s easy! I loudly cried
Its happiness, you’ve nothing to hide
For what else does one smile
You’ve been elated all the while

“Oh truly I wish you were right
Now I must design you to the night”

But at that moment he held my eye
Which about the truth could not lie
And without a second glace
Decided to give a second chance

“It’s all right, my dear, I see hope for you
I give your three guesses, not one nor two”

With hope and grace I saw his face
And tried to muster what lay beneath
But my wildest fancies could not fathom
What sword lay shielded in his smirking sheath?

"Sadness!" In desperation I cried
"Sadness under your smile has shied
To hide a hidden hurt you’ve tried
A beam over a frown you’ve plied"

“A good guess, Young Turk, but try again”
And I looked at him in mock disdain
“One shot to go, better make it good
With such high stakes, I think you should”

My mind wandered there and here
Clouded by adrenalin and fear
Unless his secret I soon discovered
In a paper bag my face would be covered
And when panic gripped me, My Dears
My thoughts were washed away with tears
And in glorious moment, the truth in sank
“My mind, like yours, is completely blank”

And if all else had seemed but a joke
His face turned sour and then he spoke

“In two hundred years and more
Dozens give or take a score
I have ensnared many a child
The poor, the rich, the meek and mild
But none have answered, when put to task
What my smiling face did mask

The curse is cast, my blessing pass’d
It’s yours to use in love or guile
O child of truth and wonder
Your face will never cease to smile”

And with these words nor any few
Off into the mist he blew
And in my window I glanced by my side
And saw my face was a mile wide

I count in decades, to tell the truth
The smile is the secret to eternal youth
In years gone by, I’ve seen it all
Love and sorrow, rise and fall
But elated or depressed, I swear it
All I could do was grin and bear it
A blessing, a curse, what you please
For feeling anything, it’s been a while
For I cannot help but smile

And often, in a dark and dreary night
I help a lost child through his plight
And some days a curious cat comes along
And asks me in his innocent song
“Pray tell sir, if so be your grace
What for the broad grin on your face”
But none in two hundred years and more
Dozens give or take a score
Have answered right when put to task
What my smiling face did mask

Tuesday, July 06, 2004

The Dynamics of the End-Day

Ah, exams ended today, on the worst possible note, especially after four wunnerful papers. I'm doing the worst I've done in a paper since class 9, but anyhow, why bother with such trivialties.

Well, done with the exam, as tradition has it, we and most of DPS decided to go for movie at Priya. Troy was on, and for once, our post exam excursion was actually worth a watch.

It was a nice epic type movie, which is deserving of a decent review, but this is not what todays blog is about. This blog will attempt to explain what happens when a school as big as DPS finishes its exams, and decides to go out.

First of all, there's the fun of spotting. You reach the hallowed Vasant Lok market, and to pass time, go "Oh,look, its so and so", as if its a great surprise that they are there. But its time honoured tradition, and you must do it.
Then comes the magic of discovering that people who were to turn up have ditched, and a completely new set of friends have arrived to replace them. This is quite convinient, as you need people to sell those extra tickets you now have in your pocket, and thus begins the drama of convincing so and so to buy them.

With this tamasha over, you finally watch the movie, during which, you make large amounts of smartass comments, to compete with the 200 other dipsites in theatre making smartass comments. The three people in the theatre who are not dipsites are naturally, quite perturbed.

Ah, but the real fun happens after the movie. At this point, one has to decide where to pass the rest of the time. This is not so much fun for poor market wallahs, who have to watch in agony, as huge tide of dipsites first enter Barista, realise there is no space, exit, go around to n number of places, re enter barista, and order, yes, nothing at all. At somepoint during this interval, a group of 10 people will decide to pool in all of 40 bucks, and buy the cheapest thing avalible on the menu. But it serves the Barista people right, everything is now overpriced, and shodddy. Their scrabble, for instance, has letters that are now faded to oblivion, and they won't use any of their money to renew them. Oh, and the guitar has also gone missing, so we didn't have the usual recital by one Shravan "Bobby" Verma, a selfdecribed "hardcore", yet five foot nothing, 20 kilo guy.

Done with this, the crowd may or may not decide to move, and if a decent conversation strikes up, will definitely not. Thus, the entire barista will be occupied by exam-khatam, stress releasing teenagers. I wish I could describe exactly what thats like, but words fail me.

On to specifics. Today itself was more fun than average. On most days, you only get to see present dipsites. Today, by quirk of fate, all the big boys of our senior batch, with nothing else to do before they joined college, decided to show up at Reliance Web World, for gaming. Then, we met Bongo, Shapes, Keerthi and assorted rabble from two batches senior, who also had a reunion of sorts while watching troy. Later, we played scrabble, in a sort of Old "Hum Do Hamare Do" vs current "Hum Do Hamare Do" team duel. (Hum do hamare do is the name of school quiz team) We lost, but to be quite fair ,the old chaps cheated. Nuts to them.

With that done with, and a good day after a long painful couple of weeks of summer holidays, life returns to normal. Next two months are loaded with fun fun fun, and life is all cheery again.

Just hope it rains a little more...

Monday, July 05, 2004

The "Furry" of the Monsoons

Oh, ye of little faith, who dismissed the sprinkling showers a couple of days ago, see what the rain gods have wrought upon us! Today, we had mother of all thundershowers(By Delhi's standards, of course. Even regular monsoon rain in Kerala put anything we experience here to shame), which unleashed, so to speak, the full furry of the monsoons upon Dilli Nagar.

Now, Delhi is a city that is completely incapable of dealing with this kind of weather, for the simple fact that no ones really bothered to make it capable. The general belief is, whats the point? And to be quite frank, its well founded, something like this happens only once or twice a year,if the monsoon's bad, then it never happens, and you can't really budget for that. So, basically, Delhi just simply packs up. Roads get flooded, traffic ceases to move, electricity is simply taken off, to prevent anything from shorting out. Its comical, really, and quite fun while it lasts.

Now, today's thunderstorm also brought with it a bit of a tragedy. My poor, termite attacked, long standing Gulmohar had half of its branches simply torn of by one lusty blow of wind. These branches also, unfortunately, fell onto the power lines next to them, and caused quite a fireworks display. One is not sure whether the tree will last now, its been through a lot, and its contempory had already bitten the dust a few years back.

Remarkably, this caused our electricity to be gone for only 3 hours, and considering two of those hours, it was raining, its quite an admirable feat, from the good men at BSES.

Ah, exams get over tomorrow, and life returns again, to somewhat resembling normal. Can't wait to get back to regular school, there's not much of that I've got left.
Enjoy it while it lasts, eh?

Saturday, July 03, 2004

Its Here!

Ah, the winds have started to blow, the clouds are coming in, and lightning strikes behind me. At last, respite from the heat, and the humidity, and yet more heat comes, and the rain gods finally smile upon us poor denizens of Das Capital.

To cut a long story short, MONSOONS ARE HERE!

Woohoo! I'm off for a walk in the rain!