Tuesday, August 31, 2004

Aaargh! Shreyas Curse

The Shreyas Curse bit back, with a vengance at C.C.S, that's Carmel Convent School for the rest of the world, and "Conti Caregi Saali" for Don Boscans. MIS pulled one over us, came first, and left us at second, at what was quite an okay quiz. Participation could have been a lot better, but hey, MIS were there, Columbas were there, we were there, Springdales were there, so who gives a damn about the rest, right?
Its just as well, I guess, the poor chaps from MIS were about to be excomminicated from school for not even qualifying in most quizzes after their Columban win, so they managed to salvage some prize.
Anyhow, we walked out of there Rs.500 richer, so all Kharcha Paani is starting to get taken care of. Coffers are now up to Rs. 2200, a book voucher I already spent, plus a TV and bike, and other random nonsense. Not bad for a months activity.
Scaran was loudly complaining about the lack of decent computer quizzes, and the complete apathy of prizes in Computer events. Well, hey, the dot com bubble burst, and no one seems to want to fund that kind of stuff anymore. Its kinda sad, I guess, but then, its a niche event.

I'm reading a great book right now, it's called "The Agony and the Ecstacy", by Irving Stone, and is a biographical novel about the life of Michealangelo, the painter/sculptor. I must thank Sonali (Bhasin) for reccomending it, he was quite an intense chap, and the book is a riveting read. Plus, its quite stimulating, and I've come up with a couple of short story concepts while reading it, one of which I plan to flesh out today or tomorrow, and I will have written and posted it by fridays.

Sunday, August 29, 2004

Time Ravages my Teens Away

As most of you will have forgotten, or chose not to know, a much blessed event occurs in less than a weeks time. Truly, on the 4th of September, 1987 I did come into this world, and its almost been a good seventeen years since then.
Yeah, so I'm turning seventeen soon, and, shit, I'm not going to be a teenager for much longer. Two more years, thats all, if you count 19 as a teen, and hey, thats really not much. Where did they go, and all that stuff.
You know how everyone tells you about how teenage is the most emotionally draining, hormonally charged, confusing time of your life? Don't believe them, they're a bunch of wussies who can't control their feelings. I'm about to finish my teens, and I've never been in serious depression, and have never had erratic mood swings.
Teens are great fun, even if you're not smoking or drinking the rest of your life away. Its being a kid that really bites.

I wish I could offer some more wisdom of my age, but hey, I'm turning 17, not 70. Thats all I have.
Only one more thing. Under no circumstances should any of you read Gabriel Garcia Marquez's "A Hundred Years Of Solitude", unless you have exactly that amount of free time.

Hey, this is fun. Tell you what, on my birthday, I shall present the 17 great learnings of The Badshah of Blah!, over the last one year. Till then, adoo.

Friday, August 27, 2004

Backlog Writing

Ah, me finished an hour and a half of physics, and now feel like writing. I will no proceed to elaborate on a few topics of my choice, since no one in particular voted.

My Return to Shri Ram School

Last week, I went back to my old school, for Shri Debate, and cambridge rules debate they organise. Admittedly, I was quite excited to return after such a long time, and got all reminiscent when I saw DLF Building That Gives You The Finger on the way there. My teammates were Sonali Punhani, Arjun Agarwala, and Aditi Misra, and as we approached the school, they commented about how wonderful it looked. Yeah, its great infrastructure, but hey, students make a school.
Yeah, so my first words on entering, as have been reported on Sinha's blog, were indeed "Give me food", but hey, I was damn hungry, and had been promised a decent lunch by Eaps.
The lunch, by the way, was not very decent, and was in fact a very insipid Kadi Chawal. Blah!
Anyhow, to the point. I walk into school, and a lots changed, as far as the school goes. Half of it was cut out to make room for some apartment complex, which seemed quite funny.
But then, a lot remains the same. Same old people, first of all. Same bunch of idiots who, seeing me after maybe three years, decide they want to pick a fight again. This group, by the way, is the often mentioned "Hey, we think we're African Americans from the Bronx" group, otherwise known as the "Hey, how do we keep our pants from falling down" group. Then there was old...dunno what you call them, peoples like Harsh, and Sahil, that still acted and assumed themselves to be way cool.
Then, of course, there was the class 11 batch. I'm much heartened to know that after three years of abscence, they still harbour a grudge against me.
I soon realised that I just don't belong here, I never did. The second day,the day of our debates, I was actually missing home, DPS. Shri Ram was terrible during seventh and eighth for me, its the last place I'd ask a teenager to be while trying to form his identity, because I can still see that individuals just don't seem to survive there. Everyone's the same, in a really sick way.
How was the debate? Well, our first prelim was against DPS Vasant Kunj, and we won that very very comfortably, which was more due to the fact that our team was on the right side of a very skewed motion. Our second debate was against host team, and hey, everyone knows how that goes, so I won't elaborate.
See, a lot of Dipsites, the purebred type, who've been there since Vasant Vihar and East of Kailash simply don't know what its like to be in any other school, so they can't really appreciate what a difference it is, being in DPS, or being in any other school, and especially a school like my old one. When I went back to what I had left, I really knew the difference, and I'm happier than ever that I joined RKP.

Why Derek O'Brien should go stick his head in a pig

On the 23rd, I went for the NIE Fundamentals quiz, conducted by Derek O'Brien. Now, earlier, I had told you all the it doesn't get worse than Sid Basu. Well, guess what, it actually does. He actually asked MULTIPLE CHOICE QUESTIONS in qualifying! The rest of the questions, the ones that were not multi choice, were BQC level, and this is really damn bad when you've asked seniors to show up. On top of that, there were 4 or 5 questions in qualifying that were quite simply, incorrect. We only just managed to qualify. MIS and St. Columbas, the other two top teams in Delhi, didn't.
Then, during the quiz, Derek spends his time asking us the time, and trying to speed things along. His questions remain terrible, the standard was simply pathetic. Plus, there was the stupid buzzer again, and a lot, a lot a lot of theme rounds, which quite frankly, ruin quizzes. He conducted the whole quiz in some weird ass olympic style, and we got medals instead of trophies as prizes.
We came second, by the way, losing out to Sanskriti in the end, as we couldn't get anything in the Anagrams round, and they got pretty much all of them. Why anagrams? Don't ask me. I went there thinking it was a quiz.
Anyhow, some good came out of it. I got footage on front page of the school edition of Times of India, and footage in the school section of the regular paper. Knowing that I'd have my mug in the papers, I ensured that I looked as ridiculous as possible. Along with a school tie worn over the T-Shirts they provide, I had my cap on backwards. My economics teacher reached the conclusion that I was a rebellious child, probably smoking, and drinking, after seeing the pic. Needless to say, I think certain madcap so-and-so's will seriously reconsider their general opinions as to me. Haha! The CSBG scores!

New Methods of Breaking Up, and Why Alanis is a Bitch

If you've heard a song by Alanis Morrisitte, called "You Oughta Know", you'd realise why. Well this particular matter is subject of a longstanding, and I think, my only argument with Vrinda, over the fact that Alanis is a bitch. Vrinda insists the Alanis is infact dude-like, for socking it to the chap who broke up with her. Hey, no problems with that, but you gotta have limits.
I quote you this line.
"Did you forget about me, Mr. Duplicity
I hate to bug you in the middle of Dinner"

OK, fine, you're upset, he's dumped you, life sucks, you want to kill him, BUT DON"T DISTURB A CHAP DURING DINNER! Its a cardinal rule, for crissakes, why in gods name would you disturb someone while they were having their meals. Its not right. She should be shot.

Anyhow, this discussion lead me to suggest better and alternate ways to break up, to ensure that Alanis Like Actions never took place. You remember your old kiddie birthday parties, where you used to give return presents to everyone who came? You know, a pencil box, or some toffees, or the like?
Well, me thought, why not give return presents while breaking up. This would be an unexpected and umm...pleasantish surprise, and would distract the Alanis-Type long enough for you to make a quick and decent escape.
It would work something like this.

"I'm sorry, I don't think this is working out very well anymore, and I don't think I want to see you again. But hey, Here's a Pencil Box for you, see ya."

Alanis Type: "Cool! Pencil Box! Umm...Why a Pencil Box? Umm...Where are you? Damn! You just broke up with me!
Cool,Pencil Box!"

Its brilliant! I don't know why anyone hasn't thought of this before. I should open student advisory centers, in the mould of one Richard Branson.


For all of you who've had doubts, this blog is not dead. It simply ran out of juice. And before all you girls start going, "Oh, whats the use of living anymore", I mean my DSL line was dead.

Now, after that shamless ripoff of Lord Flashheart, of Blackadder, lets get onto more important things.

Firstly, I would like to roundly abuse touchtel, my DSL providers, for having the worst customer care service on the planet earth. After first deciding that I wanted my line shifted to Papa's office, they then decided that there was, in fact, absolutely nothing wrong with my line. After taking much of my time and sanity over the last week and a half, I finally got them to send a chap to fix the damn thing.
Their technicians, however, are very sincere chaps, who get the problem sorted out sharpish. They also had the genius of coming at 5 15, which meant that with no one else in the house, I had to cut tuition to ensure that they got the job done.

So, basically, my blog has been dead for about a week and a half, which is seriously unfortunate, because I've had loads to write about. So I'm just going to list of a few things, and again borrowinging shamelessly from my brother, will expand on whatever you guys want me to, by dropping the appropriate comment. I'll cover probably the four most popular choices.

  1. Mundane Musings on Independance
  2. My Return to Shri Ram, and why I'm so glad I left in the first place
  3. Why Derek O'Brian should go stick his head in a pig
  4. Morals, Jayalalitha, and Don Bosco(they are, by the way, connected)
  5. Class Dynamics, and the Saga of Shravan's Parenthood
  6. Major Footage on the Front Page, and how I hope it solved a few problems
  7. A review of Losing my Virginity, Richard Bransons Autobiography
  8. New Methods of Breaking Up, and why Alanis is a bitch
If you comment quickly enough, I might just get it up by tonight. Me feel like writing a lot, and in the absence of blog, I wrote short story which I shouldn't have. And no, none of you can read.

Saturday, August 14, 2004

Advancement of Theories

Madam, to celebrate the wonderful occasion of no longer being sweet, or sixteen, decided to provide a lot of us lunch today, at a place called Delhi o Delhi.

Let me first tell you, that aside from Gol Gappas, there wasn't particularly much Delhi about the place. The food, though was quite decent, though I was much dissapointed with the dessert selection. Its simply not decent, if there isn't anything Chocolate provided.

Lunch, as Douglas Adams has pointed out, provides a window where time stands still, and all great thinking can take place. As I recall, the Great Lunching Friars of some planet were exceptionally adept at having lunch at nice places, and the Editors of The Hitchhikers Guide were famed for their long extensive lunch breaks.
Anyhow, back to the point. Here are some of the great theories that were propogated, by me or others.

  1. The Final Urinal Theory: When in a mens rest room, and when alone, or with one/two other people, you will naturally gravitate towards the last urinal, that is, the one next to the wall. Why? So far no logical conclusion has been found for this common phenomenon.
    Also, please note, that this is not an infallible theory. There always exists exceptions to this rule.
  2. The Decent Guy Theory: This theory, stated by Saudamini(No, she's not as fat or large as a hundred Damini's, that's just her name), states that if there exists a sweet and decent guy, he is either a)Gay or b) Taken. This great thought was used to prove that Karan cannot be a sweet and decent guy, as he is neither Gay, nor taken. Strangely enough, there were no other sweet and/or decent guys present at the table. Such is life...
  3. The Seventeen Year Old Axiom: When you are seventeen, there are few other topics that are as interesting as Sex. It doesn't matter who you are, what you think of yourself, but in a group of a people, you will talk/joke/bitch about topics relating to sex.This is an axiom, it has no exceptions. If you think it does, jaaaaaaaast.
Its also incredible the number of terrible stories we guys have to tell. Honestly, its a good thing this blog doesn't resort to gossiping.
Oh, we saw the return the The Mini, on DaMini, herself. Would admittedly have been a sight, if it was on someone with decent legs, but, such is the nature of things.

Independance Day tomorrow, and all that. I shall, as the expression goes, Go Fly A Kite.(Or attempt to, atleast)

Friday, August 13, 2004

Happy Birthday Damini!

DPS Dopieta, and Friday the Thirteenth

For the uninformed, a Dopieta is a Ferrari 1-2. A DPS Dopieta is a DPS RKP 1-2, which happened todays, at The Father Agnels Jubilee Quiz. The 1 was us, Me PC and Manny, or as we style ourselves, The Factory Products. The 2 was Anurag, Akash and Avik, or as they styled themselves, V.O.D.K.A(Vengance of Dada Ki Army).
The quizmaster was Joy Bhattacharya, and we were really looking foward to the quiz, as he in, In my Humble Opinion, one of the best quizmasters around. His questions are excellent, quite workable, and occasionally very very fun.
It was a wonderful quiz, where we overcame terrible luck on the directs, by picking up hazaar passes. We won on second last question types, on last round, in what was a very exciting, very close quiz, in a three way fight between us, V.O.D.K.A, and St. Columbas. St. Columbas team name was "Return of the Goat", which they explained was because they, umm... loved goats. Yeah, I know its an all boys school, but jeez guys, keep some standards!
Oh, yeah, did I fail to mention that MIS were somewhere 30 points behind?
Anyhows, to make you feel jealous, and hate me, allow me to gloat about my winnings.
  1. Rs. 1500 in the shiniest, most crisp note availible. You gotta love the smell of new money
  2. A pair of hideous sunglasses, which, the kindest have said makes me look like Keanu Reeves, from matrix, the biased have said make me look Jazzy, and the downright honest have said make me look like a joke. Regardless, we had great fun parading around the school in our new aquissitions, and pretending to be all dude like. The most brilliant moment must have been walking into Prema Pandey's 11-C english class, the three of us in disgusting Goggles, with big winners grins on our faces. The bio section was suitably amused.
  3. An Allen Solly T-Shirt, which is a wee bit too big for me. Lets just say XL is not my size. PC was happy though, first time he got a shirt his size, XXL.
  4. A packet of Crayons(Why??), a classic book(haaai...) and a Pen Type Thing.
  5. Glory and Prestige, and general confidence.
  6. We broke the Shreyas Curse, i.e, whenever up against an MIS team, that contains Shreyas K. Reddy, whether or not he answers questions, we enevitably lose.
Anyhow, that is all I have to say about that. But hey, this post isn't nearly over.
Today's friday the thirteenth, and Madam's Birthday. Lets all wish her happy budday, and I hope she reads the lovely card I've made for her, which I've posted here for her and you to see.
Today, I've been told, is also World Left-Handers Day, so wish me, please. Pip Pip to all the other Southpaws out there, too.
Khabbon ki Jai Ho.

Thursday, August 12, 2004

Back with a Bang

Right, so I've been ranting about my poor showing at pretty much everything this year, and how I had to go fix that, before I got passed off for a useless bum.
Basically, I pretty much did.

I went for The Mothers International School Extempore Speaking competition todays, along with Aditi Misra, a non-deranged-eleventhie. It was quite a wonderful event, 17 schools, a good number, and more to note, 17 noteworthy schools, none of the riff raff. The event was the conclusion to their Birth Centenary of their Founder's(I forget the poor chaps name) celebration, so it might get, to borrow a term, more footage in the papers sometime.

Anyhow, like Karan has mentioned, MIS is quite a wonderful school. They're organised, the events are on time, and there is no bakwas speechofying, that is the bane of most events. In addition, they get major bonus points for not yelling "DPS Sucks", as is common custom in most of Delhi's schools. This is probably because they know they're a damn good school too, and don't have such an inferiority complex, that most other schools hand over to their students. Eaps was there, and so were a couple of very good speakers from Springdales, though one of them, Ashish, kinda got way way too dramatic. He sure had the audience with him, but in retrospect, I don't think singing "Kya Aap Close Up Kartein Hain" in an extemp is the best way to go about things. There was also weird, emotionally disturbed woman from Sanskriti, who kept yelling at the top of her lungs about how all men were bastards, and had done bad things to Women. I don't think anyone in their right minds would dare do bad things to her, they might end up suffering from loss of hearing, as a result.

Anyhow, to the event. Half an hour for preparation, after topics were given, which was basically 20 minutes, but good enough. Topics were decided by a draw of lots, and there were plenty of topics to go around, so no two speakers got the same topic, as has happened in previous extemp events I've been for.
My topic was, "Peer Pressure: To Do, or not to Do". Initially a little flummoxed(yeah, I know I've spelled it wrong, so jaast) with the grammar of the topic, I just wrote what came to my mind. Ten minutes later, I had something resembling a draft, which I then extended, put in a few fancy shmancy quotes, like "Burn your own Demons", and concluded. It was a nice, well written thing, and I got down to practicing it for time. Good thing I did that, because when speaking, I knew exactly how long I was going to take.
Fine, I'll get to the point at long last. I spoke damn well today, modulation was right, no stuttering, and it was well written(which is always the least of my worries). As a result, and boy I've taken a long time in getting to this, I Won! Woo Hoo! Best speaker: Me, and Best Team, DPS, R.K.Puram. I picked up a Midlands Gift Voucher for Rs. 400, which means Damini is getting a nice birthday present after all, and very nice looking trophy cup too, all big and shiny, and laters, I found out, it's returned to DPS after a sabbatical of a year. Apparently, my...ahem, predecessor wasn't able to pick it up last year.

So I'm back, and I've earned back my tie again(long story), and all is well under the wide good sun. I might even end up enjoying a dinner at my house tonight, well, I'd always enjoy the dinner, the company, rather.
Ah, its good to be back in the winning ways. Lets hope it carries on to tomorrows, at the Fragnels Quiz.


Well, today's just been getting better and better. After school, I went for my tuition class, which passed by quite puickly, for a change. I step outside, and its nice and drizzly, the perfect kind of rain for taking a long walk in, as nothing gets exceptionally wet. Plus, the sun was out a bit, so there was the wonderful contrast.
So, from class, I walked to Sonali's, picked her up(not literally, this time), and dragged her along to midlands with me, where I shopped for budday present for Madam, and picked up a nice short story collection of Ray Bradbury for myself. Only, this is midlands, so I got two books, one of them giftwrapped, gave a voucher for 400, and still got 25 bucks back.
You know, talking and meeting friends after a long time is a really great mood upper. First Eaps, and then Sonali, its been a perfect day.
So, then I drop her back home, and proceed to GPM for my haircut. After which, I decide to treat myself with remaining 25 bucks to Gol Gappas at evergreen, and a AAA battery.(My rechargables had run out of juice)

You know how they say "In short measures life may perfect be"? Well, I've just had a whole day, that was pretty close to perfect. So up his, whoever the poet was, he doesn't know what the ruddy hell he was talking about.

Tuesday, August 10, 2004

Just a little Patience

Every family carries a few sayings, wise saws that you hear enough times to get ingrained into your psyche, though not heard often enough to make you resent them. My family has enough, but a particular favourite of mine, and my father's, is this 'un.

"The Vulture is a Patient Bird"

While this doesn't sound exceedinly profound, its one of the best lessons I've learnt. What is basically means is that, like the vulture, if you're patient, and stick around, you can pick off things that hastier creatures of habit will definitely miss.
Basically, when you feel that people around you are getting ahead really fast, and that you should jump into the fray, to grab that quick advantage, just remember the value of patience. Plan ahead, way ahead, and be ready to pick off the scraps.

I was asked today, if it ever gets one down that the rats in the rat race seem to be getting ahead, and that a lot of times, a lot of fakers and Peter Keatings(Go read Fountainhead) get all the glory. Who cares? The Vulture is a patient bird, and whatever goes around, without any fail, comes around. Its the whole circle of life type thing, central to Buddhist Philosophy, and Disney Animated Movies.
I talk too much, me sign off now. Besides, its nice and raining. Should go for a stroll.

Saturday, August 07, 2004


Yeah, we came fifth in the finals. Me don't really want to write about it, majorly bummed right now, and probably will be for a day, at least. Luck, it simply ran out, questions, they simply didn't come our way, and all our directs got passed out. Blah!
Attempts at cheering me up will not be appreciated. Efforts to abuse me will also not be appreciated.
I'm going to study now, I haven't done that for some time. Also, my marks, like I had said, have indeed picked up, with a current 90% aggregate in my second Monday Test Series, so lets go with what works when this clearly is not.
Who knows, I've got a couple of extempore's and debates coming up...somethings gotta start going my way.

Thursday, August 05, 2004

Columban Open, Day 1

What a day. What a terribly screwed up day. Wheras yesterday showed how luck tells in a quiz, today showed what happens when you're having a really really bad day. My team, Hum Do Hamare Do completely zonked out after a solid written prelim round, and answered very very few things. A prefixed "S" is all that separated us from Rape at the Columban, but through some miracle of nature, we just managed to qualify. It didn't help that we were in the group of death, and the day of death at Columban, with pretty much every single established team,(aside from Saint Columbas) having their draw today.

I'd love to write more about this, I'll give a decent edited report tomorrow, but buh bye for now.

Wednesday, August 04, 2004

History Repeats Itself

I went for HT Pace today, and like the title suggests, I came third for the second year in a row. I really hate this quiz, its too easy, its even easier than University Challenge, and its too gimmicky, but what more can you expect from Siddharth Basu.
Congratulations, firstly, to Shakey, for getting Delhi Runner up, and of course, National Winner of the quiz.
I also have got yet another flat screen TV, 15 incher, this time, so if anyone wants to but it, please drop a line. I'm willing to go under MRP for the thinggumy, its Samsung CTV and all that. Me want to sell, and buy myself and iPod with the proceeds.

Anyhow, back to the point. Let me Describe the HT PACE Inquizsitive quiz.
We show up, obviously early, so walk around Talkatora Audi, waiting for teams to show up. Only, this isn't a quiz, its a "Mega Event", so not only do 5000 participants from schools as vague as Little Flower Sr. Secondary School show up, they also bring 1000 person cheering squads, so they have a shot at winning the Best Cheering Squad prize. Someone needs to remind the organisers, that this is, in fact, a quiz.
So, the whole audi is packed with huge cheering squads, some with drums, and usual riff raff nonsense, who are shouting at the top of their lungs, so us poor quizzers can't really hear a thing. Next, for the next one hour, before his hairlessness Sid Basu decides to arrive, we have to listen to Ma Tujhe Salaam, by A.R Rahman continously, OVER AND OVER AGAIN! For crissake, you'd think they'd change the song, maybe, but no, for two years, and probably all the years we didn't take part, its been the same damn thing.

Finally, after ages of waiting, the prelims begin. Sheets are distrubuted, and we find that the Prelims are all of 15 minutes long, with 25 questions. That, of course, is not the worst of it. The quality of the questions was so shabby, they actually asked who the columnist of Rude Food was. Qualifying score was, get this, 21 on 25. That, ladies and gentlemen, is how terribly simple the questions were, so the first miracle of the day was that we actually qualified, as several quizzing stalwarts, such as MIS, and Saint Francis De Sales failed to do so.

The main round, to make things worse, was almost all on the buzzer, with negatives. This made guessing a virtual impossibility, as no one wanted to risk points. Not that it was really important, what it came down to was fastest finger first for a majority of the questions, as pretty much all teams on stage knew the answers.

Well, we had the fastest fingers for the first 5 rounds, and were leading, but lost our touch in the final buzzer round, and hit a couple of negatives, and end result, came third.
Blah! St. Columba's came first, and Springdales DK came second, and qualified for the national finals.
Now, don't begin to think that National means representative of our great nation. National means whichever town HT has a prescence in, which includes Lucknow, Jaipur, Bhopal, and that true bastion of quizzing genius, Chandigarh. If the Delhi teams did not beat them, they should have felt ashamed of themselves, these were terrible terrible teams. Thus, St. Columba's deserves a kick in the groin for coming 5th, and not taking second place. Kudos to Shakey, and Springdales for taking advantage of the situation, and picking up a nice DVD home theatre as the first prize.

Well, all done with the quiz, we return to the debacle in the auditorium. They had a chief guest, of course, Veeru had showed up, and this drove paagal vela audience even more into a frenzy, and they begged and pleaded with us quizzers, who were close to him, to get them autographs, and the like. He's a sweet chap, Sehwag, doesn't say much, though, kinda overawed with everything. At any rate, he signed the T Shirts we got for the quiz, so we were nice and pleased.
The highlight of the quiz came right at the end, when they were announcing the prize for "best cheering squad". Now, there is this silly ass girls convent, called St. Thomas School, who send a 3000 girl cheering squad for each one of these big show events. They have huge banners, and shout themselves silly, which is really stupid, as their teams have never once managed to qualify for any quiz in Delhi. But they pride themselves on their amazing cheering capabilities, and get very hyper about it. So, the announcer dude(who Basu's wife was flirting majorly with), calls out the winners, as Saint (and at hearing St. 3000 girls of STS start squealing their heads of, and start of in insane victory dance) George's School! St. George's now go wild with excitement, while the girls from STS finally realise they haven't actually one, and the collective look on their faces was priceless. Imagine having the one thing you thought you were good at taken away from you. They looked like a boy who's puppy had died. Hehe.

Right, enough of that. There are more important things to move onto.

Happy Birthday Eaps!

Vinay Eapen, or the Mad Mallu Maniac, or the Government Servant Lackey, or simply one of my best buddies, celebrates his heppy budday today. Gawd bless him, spending it in school with a bunch of Shriramites, but hey, it'll be the last of its kind, so all the best to ya, Eaps.

Right, must now prep for Columban. Clash of the Titans begins tomorrow, DPS vs MIS, for the umpteenth time. Lets see who comes out tops in the Quaters and Semis.

Tuesday, August 03, 2004

My friends get up to the strangest things...
Can someone please explain what Manav is...doing to Shravan?

Monday, August 02, 2004

It is Such Lovely Weather

There is rain today.
There is no sun today.
It is such lovely weather, we will have fun together.
There is rain today, there is no sun today,
It is such lovely weather.
So come, come, come to me my Love
Come to me my Love
It is such lovely weather, we will have fun together.

Finally got to sing that song after around 11 months of waiting.
It is such lovely weather! And its going to rain tomorrow as well, if these big bad clouds are anything to go by. WooHoo!
I might add to this post laters...just might.

Sunday, August 01, 2004

August the First

Hey, guess what? Its friendship day, or so my newspapers say. By complete coincidence, two of me best mates are coming for dinner tonights, Manav and PC, along with respective family.
Other good things happen too, India actually giving Lanka a good pasting. Methinks Sachin should just take up legspin now, what, with 28 hundreds and all, he should aim for 200 weekats. Needless to say, he is playing the good creekat.
Yeah, enough making fun of Ranjit Fernando.
Yesterday, I saw the most amazing thing on the telly, Crocodile Hunter, the movie.
If you are not familiar with Croc Hunter, his name is Steve Irwin, and he is as mad a nutter as ever existed in this fine world. This is a man who named his daughter after his favourite dog and crocodile, this is a man who met his wife in a zoo.
But he crossed all sane limits in this movie(which, by the way, also had a really really insane plot, something about the FBI tracking down a satellite beacon that had been swallowed by a crocodile on re-entry into the earth's atmosphere, kudos to the chap who came up with that).
Sample this. He sits, and literally plays, with world's deadliest snake for five minutes, all the while explaining how you should definitely not try this at home, because the venom from one bite could kill 150000 rats. The snake, meanwhile, is desparately trying to bite the chap, so it can go on its merry way. He is, of course, taking this as an opportunity to sing love songs to the snake, complimenting its beauty and grace.
You simply have to admire the man.