Saturday, December 31, 2005

Ring in the New

Joy to the world, felicity to all men(and women) and a general Happy New Year to everyone.

There are various ways of figuring out that the year has come to an all too abrupt end. A nice, pleasant way is to read the often-random forwards on your phone or in your inbox, from people who you thought had forgotton all about you, and then you get lil kicks of pleasure that they haven't. Its a lot of fun wishing people and generally looking forward to an Entire Year of doing So Much in, so many possibilities and so many bad jokes to be made.

Unfortunately, there are other, far worse ways of ringing in the new year. Going (where the voluntariness of the entire trip is to be taken with More than a spoonful of salt) to a party which involves six hours of being in the bus, canNot possibly be a good idea.

The Partay

We left in the bus at 8 pm. At 11:10 pm, it was realised that we had crossed the city limits, and were pritty far from civilisation and were thouroughly lost. At 11:15 pm, a knowledgable senior arrived at our stranded locale and cheerfully informed us that we had taken a 2o km detour. We turned back. At 11:40 pm, the bus got stuck in a ditch. So everyone piled out. The Bigger Men pushed the bus. The Females stood on the road in their skimpy clothes. Which of the above was the stupider plan, is anyones guess. At 11:59 pm, we reach the blasted venue. There's a general shout which goes around to the effect of "Happy New Year". The party if you like all this sort of thing. Getting drunk senseless(and I'm not even going to Mention the other things), dancing to Some crappy music, and eating uncooked Rolls from Shitty Bites. I was delighted when I caught the first bus back at 2. I hear some others returned at 10 in the morning.

Gah. Give me a new year surrounded by friends and Good Food and lots of cheesy pasta(and cheesy jokes would be good, too) and book shopping. Thats what I intend to do now. And all the hung over people can sleep till 3 and feel happy with themselves.

It can't be repeated often enough. Happy New Year to all. And remind me to stay in bed next time around. And if you think this is a rant, well, you're correct.

Saturday, December 24, 2005

Two? You Don't Say!

Merry Christmas, Quanza, Hanukha and the other weird festival I'm forgetting to all. It matters little, for today is a day of far greater significance, for today I complete two years of blogging. Yes, I know it's grown sporadic of late, and yes I know I'm a dog sometimes, but Blah!'s not done with quite yet, and it's a good day to celebrate a bloggiversary.

As it happens on moments and times of great significance to me, you shall all now be treated to my clever witty observations on life, and my brilliant(or terrible) advice for those younger than me. Admittedly, those younger than me are few and far between, so I would appreciate it greatly if you chosen few took these few pearls of wisdom to heart, and lived your life by them. If you don't, it's your loss. Really.

Two Years Worth of Unsound Advice

In very particular order of unimportance
  • Women multitask a lot better than men. A lot better. Deal with it, and learn to use it to your advantage.
  • I hate winter. Singapore has great weather.
  • Under no circumstances should you let anyone near any part of you with a pair of tweezers.
  • Steel Bunz is a wonderful name for an assasin. Especially if it is a bunny rabbit. (note to self, review manticore's secret in a few days)
  • Things always work out better than you imagine. Especially if your imagination routinely involves dreams where all your teeth keep falling out.
  • This is actually very sound advice, so listen up. Have faith in me. It pays very rich dividends. And you're most definitely getting it at a discount on the coupon rate.
  • I am, unfortunately, or fortunately(depending on your point of view) going to be back.
Sadly, I am no longer the wisest person writing on this blog, so I'll leave a few pearls for V to finish off. After all, this is a bloggiversary, we can't be done just yet.

Good night to you, and good night to all
Steal Tiny Tim's crutch and use it in a brawl

Friday, December 09, 2005

You Go Girl!

I returned to the Alma Mater today, for the uninitiated that happens to be Delhi Public School R.K Puram, the wonderful place where I spent my school days. Getting back on track, it was indeed a pleasant and warming experience, which is exactly what you need when you're stuck in a Delhi Winter. I love being home yes, but there's not much in particular I enjoy about sub 20 degree tempratures. One met beloved teachers, annoying juniors, and spent a decent amount of time involved in the ever present activity of Shutting Manav Up.

For those again uninitiated with a phenomenon named Manav Kapur, it quite frequently latches on to you, becomes very loud and obnoxious, and will on occasion hit on you, regardless of your gender. Many studies, surveys, and solutions have been tried, but to no avail. There are few ways known to get rid of this Manav creature. However, somewhere in RKP there is hope, and it's in section 10 D.

I'm in the library at school, and this nice tich of a girl comes up to me, and tells me she likes reading my blog, so I say how nice of you, thank you very much. Manav gets annoyed that above mentioned lady has not been reading his outdated and long dead journal, and questions her to the same. Our lady replies in a sweet and polite tone that she has never heard of the rag. At this point, Manav badgers on further, explaining how Blah! carries a link to the same, and went as far as to tell her the appropriate URL. He then nary commands the girl to go visit, something she is clearly not very impressed with. She smiles at the lad, and tells him "I shall do my best not to visit the said place", or something along those lines.
Manny, now obviously hurt, goes "What was that supposed to mean", to which she responds in quick and biting tone "It's called Sarcarsm", and walks away.

Manav, he who cannot be silenced, was. He had been shut up in quick and suave fashion by a young lady three years his junior. A hush and pallor fell over a once noisy library, broken half a second later by my constant and undying laughter. I turned to the girl, to get her name.
Sadly, I was laughing too hard to pay proper attention. EDIT: I have been told it is Akshara. If you are reading this, you have my heartiest congratulations, you could be the cure to a vile and virile disease. At any rate you gave me and some of our teachers a damn good laugh. Pip pip, and three cheers to you.

Tuesday, December 06, 2005


Indira Gandhi International, Arrival Lounge, Delayed Luggage, Dug Up Roads, Security Check, Safdarjung Enclave, Night time fog, My dinner table, Paranthas, Dahi, Sabzi, Daal, Gajar Ka Halwa, Fawning parents, Insane Aunts, Did I mention food?, Own bed, night time chill, landline phone calls, Crazy home, Powercuts, Television, My big bad bookshelf, Morning Breakfast on the Table, Eggs and Toast, Buttered Properly, Friends, Insane Friends, Manav(a category apart),Delhi Roads, Inefficient Banks, Prepaid Lines, Proof of Identity, More Television, LSR, DTC Buses, The Sheer and Unadulterated Rush.



It's good to be back.

Thursday, December 01, 2005

This is My December

This is My December
This is My Time of the Year
This is My December
This is all so clear

Exams are over, term one is over, and I shall now mooch around with an insolent smirk on my face, for some time to come.
Welcome to my december.