Saturday, January 31, 2004

Friendly Nieghbourhood Spider-man!

I generally don't like superhero movies, but Spideyman I loved. I saw it FDFS in priya when it released, and loved it. Its not dependant on special effects( which are damn good, by the way), has a great story line, good characters, and Peter Parker is quite believable as a human being, which is more than you can say for Vin Diesel in real life.

Its got a nice ending too. Its like Almost Famous, he doesn't get the girl, but everything is OK.

Also on show was Independance Day. I love this movie. It is so so so baaaaaaad. The speech is the best part. When Bill Pullman makes his appeal, " We will not go down into that night. We will survive! The Day we celebrate our Independance Day!" I just die laughing everytime.
This is such an amazingly cliched movie, with so much jingoism, its great fun to watch. I highly reccomend it to anyone with a grudge against America(read, everyone born before Dubya took over). And Frace. You get to see the Eiffel Tower get blown up by Aliens.

The absolute best thing about this movie is the scence where they win, and you see lakh log standing around Taj Mahal, celebrating. Why? I have no Idea, its just one of those things you have to accept. In the event of a Major world disaster, when Humanity just about pulls through, the entire population of Agra will turn up at the Taj Mahal just before the surprise victory, just in time to celebrate.
They don't make cinema like they used to. They're too politically correct now.

Excluding esteemed members of the Clinton Family of course.

I wish someone would make a movie about them.

Thursday, January 29, 2004

Quizzing, Mostly

We organised the national finals of the CBSE Heritage India Quiz, which went exceedling smoothly on our part, no fault of ours the the QM couldn't run his software properly, and of course, DPS, well basically Aakash, won. So happy days all around. Later, we were having tea and snakes with contestants, and were reminiscing about old quizzes. So I got all nostalgic. I've had a great year of quizzing, and its turned up some pretty freaky experiences. Here are some of them, in no particular order of strangeness.

1. HT PACE "INQUIZITIVE" : This was a Sid Basu organised quiz, which ticks me off enough, and we only came third, which ticked me off some more. But to top it all of, during prize distrubution, Basu's wife, a woman who must be in her early forties, proceeded to ruffle my hair, giggle like a school girl, and say "Its like a porcupine". She then proceeded to ruffle it again. This is not a family I wish to know. They're all nuts.

2. Well, its indirectly related, but a free trip to Thailand from winning Asimo Science Quiz resulted in my walking through what can only be described as a Red Light City, Pattaya, where yes, I got propositioned.
This is getting far to interesting, so I will stop with this story now.

3. Columban Open Semifinals: Well, two things really. Firstly, I inadvertantly ended up telling Francis Grosser, the nice old quizmaster, that I knew all about Buddhha's. Secondly, the semifinals were freaky, we came from 7th to first place on the back of three really amazing guesses from me, the best of which was equatiing the number six with the six shaped Aasha Parekh. (Who should in all seriousness be renamed Arsa Parekh, gujju Ben with Large Large ass)

4. Mod Quiz : I found out the quizmaster was none other the my Brother. Thats freaky enough for anyone.
That, and black carding MSBK in that quiz, giving them -40, that is, and putting them back in fifth place from second. Haha!

5. Limca Book Of Records, at the beggining of last year, where somehow or the other, we managed to tie in qualifying with Bongo, Bastard and Ships, our mentors and quizzing icons, who won everything there was to win.

Wonderful times, wonderful times.
On the back of more malicious blogging I have read, I would just like to point out that I was eating free at five stars in Thailand, and we've had enough very very good celebration dinners, notably the one at Saleem's, after Columban.

Wednesday, January 28, 2004

Direct the Way

I am a pedestrian. I enjoy being one, and spend most of my free time getting to place A by foot, rather than by other methods of transportation. If its as far as GK, I'll take the bus.

Somehow, people seem to understand this, and I am regularly asked for directions on the road. Now its one thing if a nice motorist stops by and asks you how to get from there to wherever he's heading off to, If you are in a car, you have the luxury of not knowing where you are going. If you make a wrong turn, its not too much of a bother if you are in a fast moving vehicle.

Its not even that much of an oddity if someone is where they want to be, such as Safdarjung Enclave (Yes, some people want to be there), and want to know how to get to some locally demarkated region, such as B-4 Block. But it is quite another when you have other insane pedestrians asking you how to get to places that are aleast half an hour away.

One assumes that if you are on foot, you should damn well know where you are going. Wrong turns will lead you spending a lot of time retracing your steps, and this is just when inside colonies. Besides, pedestrian range is usually about 4 kilometers, this goes up to about 8 for dheet khacchar's like me, and falls dramatically to one kilometer for NieShit, who considered a 2 kilometer walk from school to my place a bit of a trek.
If you do not happen to know your way about a 4 kilometer radius, you need some serious rethinking in life. Even Manny would be able to manage getting around in Saket, if one put him on foot, and he's got the worst direction sense in the entire world.

Yet the other day, I had to assist a gentleman who wanted to make his way to Sarvapriya Vihar, when he was dawdling around in Sarvodaya Enclave. He had, of course, taken a wrong turn before IIT flyover. Congratulations sir. Have a nice long walk now.

In short, pedestrians, to be effective, must know where the hell they are going, otherwise they will end up as ineffective as Raman's comebacks (The best example of which has to be, and I quote, "Haan, haan, Bhavya, Bolte Reh"). Or indeed, the intercrap club.

That is all.

Monday, January 26, 2004

Hehe, Funny

I find it highly amusing that NieShit, who claims that Chocolate is mans greatest creation, doesn't have a bloody clue about it. He considers products manufactured by Hershey's edible, including, but not limited to, Hershey's kisses.

These are not fit for consumption, and I myself pawned off all of mine to Copal, Damini, Gayatri and Shambhu, who enjoyed them very much.

Sunday, January 25, 2004


Papa recently returned from a Europe trip, bringing with him Gouda from Holland, which is very very nice. Today I dedided to indulge in one of my favorite culinary delights, crackers with cheese.

You get very good crackers from Brittania in India, but the cheese is the problem. That of course, was solved, with very very good Garlic Flavoured Gouda.

A forewarning must be given. Crackers with cheese is an aquired taste, everyone may not enjoy it, and absolutely do not have it with proccessed cheese, the point is in enjoying the flavour of a particular cheese.
My love for crackers and cheese, and thus desire to try it out, stems from a stop motion clay animation series called Wallace and Gromit, which was brilliant in itself. It was about a meek yorkshireman, and his dog, and his nutty inventions, and of course, love for cheese and crackers.

Back to the point. Cheese and crackers are a tremendous culinary delight, from a country and region known for doling out such terrible things as Spotted Dick, Shepards Pie, and of course haggis, which is possibly the most hideous dish ever created by man, save anything to do with Karelas.

So get some decent cheese from Modern Bazaar, and some crackers from the local market, and a cheese sliceer (yes such a thing does exist, I own one), and try it out.


As mentioned earlier, I was in a very bouncy mood on friday, due to previously mentioned circumstances. I did not however describe what that was, as I was told that one had to see the look on my face to describe it, and without dangly eyes, or a vanity mirror, thats a bit hard.

What occured alongside, I did not write about, as when you are bouncy, you choose to ignore these things. But now I shall not. It is disturbing, and needs to be mentioned.

My friends do not like me Bouncy. They can't stand the prospect of me being exceedingly exceedingly happy, and I have just been informed by what NieShit describes as "Da Lunatic", that I'm unnatural, for the simple reason that I'm never sad.
Little Miss Bansal went to the extent to order me to stop smiling. Yeah, like thats possible.

Vrinda Marwah had this look of pure murder in her eyes, and coming from someone with a propensity for hitting members of the opposite sex, thats not really very encouraging. PC, of course, was suspicious that something was up.

Isn't it wonderful? Apparently, I've been asked to be a little sad from time to time, just to keep things normal. Well, in the words of a great philosopher, Boo. I'm not going to. I'm done being sad. I've had quite enough of that in my life(Read TSRS + class 9 B).

One obstacle stands in my path, though. I have, however, made a promise to tackle it. Unfortunately, I made it 5 months ago....


Ask not what you can do for your country, ask whats for lunch.

A happy Republic Day, people.

Saturday, January 24, 2004

Sit For SAT

Yes, the big bad SAT was there. So I sat for SAT on the MAT, and my results will be out one day before my brother's CAT, and now you probably want to hit me with BAT, so I will shut up.

It went, hmm... indeterminably, I think is the best word to describe it. Math went really well, though, and I think I am getting 58, or arounds. Which traslates in to 790, methinks.

Verbal, though, was a bitch, and god knows what will happen in it. 600-800, anywhere in between, really.

Results are out on Valentines day, and though PC says that we are a couple of sad losers with no life for accepting good SAT results as an effective Valentines day gift, I would not look a gift horse in the mouth.

Or a gift SAT score, at any rate.

Friday, January 23, 2004

Happy Happy Joy Joy

I went for the Y. Kumar Student Award competition in springdales today. Aside from meeting various people, including but not limited to Bacchus and Jayant Pande, I also had some of the best fun ever.

The written quiz section was amazing, I'll get 60 plus correct, but as there were two or three other regular quizzers in the mix, I'm unsure if I will get first place.

The essay, I fell in love with. I went wild, after a seriously long period of time, much thanks to my blog. I used some of my most paagal analogies and comparisions to date, which make comparing latch key kids to washing machines look perfectly reasonable (yes, I did do that). I even went to the extent of Making a flow diagram illustrating my essay once I was done, as I had a lot of time, and didn't want to write a long winded essay. (there was no word limit)

I was literally bouncing up and down on my seat, as I was not allowed to bounce around in the room. I think that might have put fellow competitors a bit uneasy. Vrinda herself was trying exceedingly hard to cope with my *ahem* exhuberance, and was fighting a loosing battle.

My good mood continued, till I did a mock SAT, and my score fell dramatically to 1480, which strangly is what my brother got on his actual sat. So now I am back to just normally happy.

But that's still good enough, according to most, and tomorrow everything had better go right. Its the real deal, so wish me luck. Future prospects could depend on this.

Thursday, January 22, 2004

The Raman Effect

The Intercrap Club's inter school debate was today. While I chose to stay clear, which turned out to be quite a wise desicion, other poor souls were trapped in the Blossoms (Yes, it was held in Blossoms Block, not the AVH) Basement, for the better part of three hours. Even the debaters themselves were bored to death, as one quite frequently found them lolling about outside.

Yes, three hours, hearing 34 speakers present their views, which of course, they had just dug off the net a few days before, because no sane human can possibly have thought about this topic in the normal course of inquiry, and discourse.
Ah, the topic. Tapoed from a Political Science textbook, because Raman doesn't really have any ideas of his own, it was "India should change its polity (yes, thats a word, surprisingly) from a parlimentary to a presidential system.

To gain a little idea of just how insanely silly and undebatable this is, one simply has to point out that not even Barkha Dutt, who has possibly picked the most inane topics to shout about, has chosen to pick this one.

But I digress. After the better part of three hours, the results were announced. To add insult to an already pathetic event, Modern School Barakhamba Road walked off with best speaker, and best team. This is a school that hasn't won anything, except of course for cricket matches, for the last five years. How wonderful that they break their streak in DPS R.K.Puram.

What was also amusing is that not a single member of Intercrap possesed the skills for handling a computer, so they had to use Maanick (referenced as Sir Altitude) and Sid Sinha, (referenced as Tweety Boy) to man the projector and comp.

What is unfortunate is that Aranyaka and Arjun, from MIS, were present for the whole thing. They won't let me forget it.
They want to loan me for the Columban, by the way. Well, I am not a hired gun, and Hum Do Hamare do comes first.

Wouldn't want to have an affair now, would I?

Wednesday, January 21, 2004

How to get well soon

This imporant medical advice is, however, only applicable for colds, flu's, throat infections, and other general maladies, and not for heartache, so certain flower children should not go around trying it.

It is a method propogated by my Bua, who is a doctor, and runs a very reputed Hospital, so its not without proper sanction.

Here is what it involves.

Step 1 : Detect that you are feeling a bit down, or under the weather. Usually noted by a funny feeling in the throat, tiredness, dizzyness (not to be confused with flower-child syndrome).
Step 2: Stop whatever you are doing. Activity is bad. Only gets you sicker.
Step 3 : Find Halwa of any kind. Preferably Gajar, or Atte Ka, and proceed to shove as much of it down your throat as you can enjoy.
Step 4 : Wash it down with nimbu paani.
Step 5 : Have 3 times the reccomended dietary allowance of calories for lunch/dinner/any time in between.
Step 6 : If you have it in you, repeat. Preferably try to keep it in you.

This always works. Without fail. Just don't fall sick to often, as the side effects may lead you to become a fat ass.
Or if you're Raman, it doesn't really matter.

Today was quite a terrible day. Rainy, windy, and everything I basically do not like. On top of that, I lost a squishy miniature rugby ball, which I feel terrible about.

I'm going for a competition on friday that basically requires you to be opinionated, and outspoken, and a bit of a quizzer too. Which suits me quite fine.
I am, however, receiving councelling on handwriting before I go, as one of the events is essay writing, and I don't think they are going to provide me a nice computer, or typewriter to write on.

Unfortunate. Terrible, terrible.

Tuesday, January 20, 2004

Garma Garam Mattar

I haven't had this in some time, and I was quite pleased. The mattar were finally nice and sweet this year, which gave me the perfect opportunity.

Its a simple little recipie.

Take un-chilloed mattar.

Put in toastie maker (the thing used to make patties)



Its the simple things.

Well, actually, the german chocolate is really nice too.

Monday, January 19, 2004


For some odd reason, I'm wildly considered to be a spiritual person. Methinks it has something to do with my MSN nick.

Well, its not true. Spirituality is one thing I abhor, and have quite enough of, thank you very much. I have an overdose of it in my life, and it seems impossible to escape, with five hundred new channels, dedicated to doling out pure unadultrated stupidity (read spiritual discourse) pop up on TV everywhere. To add the cherry to the cake, borrowing a similie from one great Navjot Singh Sidhu, Sri Sri is everywhere. I mean, if you've discovered the art of happiness, the last thing you should zarking do it proffess it to the general masses, who will corrupt whatever idea you had with stupidity proportional to its genius.

In short, that is why spiritual discourse is a terrible idea. It can't lead to anything good. So if you think you're happy, and you want to stay happy, and believe you want to make other people happy, learn what I have learnt the hard way.
Plug it. And do things your way.

Friday, January 16, 2004

Terrible, terrible

Its the weather again.
I have made a desicion today, that come what may, I shall not go to Britain for higher education. In fact, I shall try to avoid going to Britain in toto.
Don't get me wrong, I'd love to go/live in Britain, its very British, and its a culture I highly approve of, unlike the yanks. They've given us so much, notably Douglas Adams, cricket, and the concept of a large breakfast. But their weather is something that will end up killing me.

English weather changes from hot to cold to rainy in a matter of hours, and my current experiences in Delhi involve 24 hour weather changes, which completely knock me out. My digestive system decides to cave in, my legs protest, and go into spasm, and I lose my sunny disposition. I'd be a veritable basketcase in Merry Old England.

This is happening right now, because after a week of sunny bright weather, that gave me hope that summers were coming early this year, its done a turnaround in one night, and its back to the chilly cold of yore. Which basically means all above mentioned ailments are taking place. And its getting me down.

Enough with the weather.

I have a class assembly on thursday. I'm comparing that, which is the best way to take part, and not make a fool out of yourself. Not that I have been known to dislike making a fool out of myself, I do seem quite adept at it.

I have SAT's on saturday. I have 10 real SAT's to do in that time, and I have all sorts of other bugging things that get in my way, such as Mathematics Monday Tests, and other such dribble.

11 K got into some major row today. Mrs Chona (if you want to hear people bitching about her, click on the links at the bottom, which give vivid accounts of her horror and cruelty, I on the other hand believe in her inherent goodness, for reasons that shall be explained later) was sunaoing them all of last period, so it must be pretty bad. No one seems to know what is going on, though.

Nothing else.

Boring boring, life is boring, birdies help me go exploring

Tuesday, January 13, 2004


Well, not the ones you are thinking of. The balls, well, ball in question was a little basketball stress-buster-type-thing. Their basic function is to be held in the hand, and be squeezed. Its great fun, and apparently gets rid of stress too. Two birds with one stone.
Oh, as I found out later, this little thing also bounced quite well, and did so exceedingly well of other people's head. Especially the forehead, where there is no hair to interfere with the elastic collision.

Damn all collisions.

Well, the little basketball was provided by Vrinda, and I got my hands on it after break, after a major battle for possession with Prateek, who also fancied having a nice miniature basketball.

The ball was, however already firmly in my grasp, and thus began the struggle for possession.
If anyone doesn't already know, PC is a giant of sorts, six foot two and quite a decent bit across, now that he doesn't get much exercise. Since I am five feet sevenish, and lean, this would seem to put me at a great disadvantage. But no, this was not true. Because all the effing size and body weight in the world can't help you pry open someone's hand.

What can, however, is nails. Which, by the way, Prateek also has. Needless to say, once he brought out his secret weapon, I surrendered the coveted object to PC.

what's the moral of the story? Size doesn't matter, nails do.

Take that any way you like.

Sunday, January 11, 2004

Back to the Grind

I've enjoyed a very pleasant winter holidays. Especially the last few days, where the weathers been getting nice and warm again. I've been doing my Eco Project verrrrrry slllooooowly, so as to get in the maximum velagiri possible, and this is why.

From tomorrow, school starts. Its going to be the busiest term I have ever had. We have umpteen chapters to finish, a quiz to organise, a couple to go for, and of course, my SAT's later this month. And I think to myself, what a wonderful world.
Basically, this was my last chance to do nothing for 3 months, and I've enjoyed it thourorly.

Also I have realised these holidays that every time I try to make my life boring again, something very interesting happens to ruin it all.
So I've decided to, in the words of the Beatles, Let It Be. Resistance is futile.

Besides, I have a feeling I'm going to be too busy to do anything remotely interesting for the next few months.
History has a nasty habit of proving you wrong.

May you live in interesting times.

Friday, January 09, 2004

Rhyme Time!

I had a flash of poetic inspiration today.
Its a nice fun little Limerick

There once was a young lad named Manny
Who's luck with the girls was uncanny
He wanted Naazneen
But Gyan came in between
In much the same way as with Fanny!


Wednesday, January 07, 2004

Streetwalking, again

Walking on Delhi streets is fun.

It used to be torture, and I never did it about three years back, and upto 2002, but since then, vehicular pollution is exceedingly low, and unless you happen to be walking through Malviya Nagar, the traffic is not as crazy anymore.

Malviya Nagar should never be walked through, however. The drivers in Malviya Nagar are nuts, and wouldn't think twice about running you down. I have been actually hit by a scooter that was of all things, stopping.

But otherwise, its a great experience. The sun was out today, and thus it was thourorly enjoyable. The IIT road is an excellent walkway, as you can pass through rose garden on your way, and there's ample foliage all around, just to make your day.

If you happen to enjoy music, all the better. For the one thing better than walking on the streets of Delhi, is singing on the streets of Delhi. It really freaks out fellow passers-by. Especially if you are listening to Metallica, or Iron Maiden. You can't sing that any other way but loud.

Added advantages to reach destinations by walking are losing weight, or not gaining it in the first place. I happen to be a skinny reed, and could not manage this with the amount I ate if I didn't walk and or jog six kilometers and upwards a day.

Jogging is about the only thing that is going to work up a sweat in this weather. Even basketball wasn't really effective. Gets you nice and warm.

I've heard something about the adrenaline being good for grouchyness too, and I'm sure everyone who uses a computer, i.e everyone reading this, is quite familiar with grouchyness.

But enough of walking, methinks its time to start jogging again. If weather like this holds up, I'm starting my distance training again. As midnight experiences on new years proved, I still have it in me. So why give it up?

5 clicks non stop by the end of January should be a decent target. Weather permitting, of course. Its hard to breathe in cold air. Someone please explain the physics of that.

This blog is starting to serve its purpose. I feel like writing again. Some decent non-fiction will come soon enough. I have an offer from PC to do a second part to "Just Give me an Uzi, OK?" , inspired by Rahul, and his demented mother, from the LG Goldeneye advertisement.

Though I don't think the Uzi is adequte for the two of them. Several new torture techniques must be designed. Maybe we could tie the two in a chair, and force them to listen to Navjot Singh Sidhu and Mandira Bedi at the same time.

Or make them take a walk with me.

Veni Vidi, Castratavi Illegitimos

Sunday, January 04, 2004


You should see her running in the raincoat.


Memories are wonderful things.

Saturday, January 03, 2004

On Pizza

I had lost my taste for pizza for a year and a bit. Didn't have it much at all. Seems that has changed, and over the last two months, I've been enjoying Pizza again. Plus, its the food of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, and you have to love them.
I have also tried all the major pizza chains, and will now proceed to give a run down of them.

Pizza Hut

Its the best, first of all. Its also so outrageously expensive, that I shall never eat it off my own money, nor ask my parents to provide it.
The crust is nice, the cheese is ample, and very good. Its done well, but they don't do much of it. The portions are ridiculously small, and in inverse proportion to the price.

Only for the Rich and Famous.

Smokin' Joes

Don't try it out. Trust me, its not worth it. The cheese is rotten, there's next to no tomato sauce, and they put so much of toppings, that you can't even taste the actual pizza. My chicken sausage pizza was basically chicken sausage, with a bit of bread and tomato here and there. If you are into toppings, and not pizza, go ahead. Its brilliant. But not otherwise.

Also, its not the cheaper alternative to Pizza Hut and Dominoes, its priced just as high.

Slice of Italy

I'd just like to point out right now that I am not recieving any money from Slice of Italy, I am in fact responsible for giving them quite a bit of it.

With that out of the way, let me continue.

Slice of Italy is brilliant. It went down for a few years, but its back with some new Italian chef, and better management, and yes, It Still Is Open. Only one outlet though, so I guess they'll have some delivery range problems.

The pizza's are just right. Good amounts of mozzerella, right amount of toppings, and the crust is done well. They have a wonderfully large range to choose from, and quite a lot of their pizza's don't come with onion and capsicum, which every single pizza of Dominoes and Pizza hut seem to come included with.

They also have a nice amount of simple pizza's, with little or no toppings, so you can enjoy just pizza, and not all the gimmicky frilles on top.

One of those is the Margerita Garlica, which is a must for lovers of Garlic.

They also have a lot of other Italian stuff, which is also good, and nice large 10 inch subways, which are wholesome and filling. Also, they happen to be a lot cheaper than Subways, the only other place to offer sandwiches.

In fact, they are a lot cheaper in all respects. Their pizza's are cheaper than everyone elses, and with the exception of Pizza Hut, better than everyone elses.

Its just wonderful. Four and a half stars and two thumbs up, and one loud belch from me.


Theres something not quite right about Dominos' pizzas. They leave a strange artificial aftertaste. The cheese isn't stringy enough either.

Otherwise, they are fine. Not too good, not too bad. I yet have to try the cinni sticks, though. Someone please tell me about them.

Pizza Corner

There is no reason to go to pizza corner above any other pizza chain. Its like another Indian restraunt. Why would you go when Moti Mahal is down the road?

Well, thats about all.

Cowabunga dudes.

Penny Lane

In Penny Lane there is a barber showing photographs
Of every head he's had the pleasure to know.
And all the people that come and go
Stop and say hello.

On the corner is a banker with a motorcar,
The little children laugh at him behind his back.
And the banker never wears a mack
In the pouring rain, very strange.

Penny Lane is in my ears and in my eyes.
There beneath the blue suburban skies
I sit, and meanwhile back

In penny Lane there is a fireman with an hourglass
And in his pocket is a portrait of the Queen.
He likes to keep his fire engine clean,
It's a clean machine.

Penny Lane is in my ears and in my eyes.
A four of fish and finger pies
In summer, meanwhile back

Behind the shelter in the middle of a roundabout
The pretty nurse is selling poppies from a tray
And tho' she feels as if she's in a play
She is anyway.

In Penny Lane the barber shaves another customer,
We see the banker sitting waiting for a trim.
And then the fireman rushes in
From the pouring rain, very strange.

Penny lane is in my ears and in my eyes.
There beneath the blue suburban skies
I sit, and meanwhile back.
Penny lane is in my ears and in my eyes.
There beneath the blue suburban skies,
Penny Lane.

What a lovely song

Friday, January 02, 2004

Delialah's Darling

Its a new year, its a new start, and everyone is changing. Well, everyone eventually does change, but its happening at quite a rushed pace right now.

I went and saw Munnabhai MBBS yesterday. Cute movie. Worth a watch if you've got time free. Just laughs for me, but if you are one of those emotional types, go and have a cry as well. I dunno why thats so popular in the first place.

I also went to Dilli Haat to have lunch. The Kashmiri stall is OK, and I reccomend the Haak Sag, and the rishta. The Gushtaba was too rubbery.

And today, I fullfilled my hearts desire. I went and got my hair cut. Its not totally crew, but its as close as I was willing to go in this weather. At any rate, its under control now, and the burden of not having hair on my head will improve my life in dramatic ways. I'm the Anti-Sampson. Or Shorn to be Wild.

Enough with the bad puns.

I have to start my Eco project now. Its dull, and has to be handwritten. But for the next two days, I will be finding all the required information needed for it. I'll write it all of next week. Lots of time for that. Unlike other people who will have to do a rush job once back from vacation.

At any rate, all is well.

I have been informed interviews to become Bade Aadmi/Aurat at school will be starting late Jan, early Feb.

I have hope now. Damini has newfound respact for me, after sanskriti and VK incidents. This bodes well. Main bhee Bada Aadmi ban sakta hoon.

I could never become Sabse Bada Aadmi in United States, the taller guy always wins.

Thats all I have to say about that.

Time is an illusion, lunchtime doubly so.