Wednesday, October 12, 2005


Hullo to all. I'm not dead, contrary to popular demand. I have been resting. The hell I have. I've had midterms, and then a very busy midterm break is in progress, where I sit around, procrastinate about project work, and watch movies. Lots of movies. This is I believe, a good thing and what college should be all about. Sadly, this is simply not true for the better part of my college existence.

Happy Dussehra to one and all. I miss home today, I miss home a lot. Dussehra is a time of togetherness, of family and most definitely of Poori Halwa, Poori Aalu, and Poori Chana. With all these things absent, a great gaping hole exists where once a heart flourished. Or in other words, I was willing to fork out five dollars to have pooris with aalu.

Time is of the essesnce, so once again a quick run down of things you should or should not do.

Things you should do

First, watch Hazaaron Khwahishein Aisi. It's a brilliant, brilliant film, and definitely deserved an oscar nod above Paheli, and Swades. It's beautifully done, set in 70's India, has gripping characters and performances, and an ending that leaves a lump in your throat.
Next, watch Snatch. It's a good fun rollicking british movie, about a diamond heist. It's wonderfully crafted and for the lady folk, it has a topless Brad Pitt with a funny accent.
Do read Blink, by Malcomm Gladwell. It's a fun and interesting book about subconcious desicion making and will most definitely pique your interest, o discerning reader.
After you're done with this, thank whichever god you pray to that you are back home, and are capable of eating home food. If you are not back home, and eating home food, pray to god that some day you shall be.

Things you should not do

Do not, under any circumstances try to coherently write an email at three in the morning. It's "Not a good idea"
Do not, in expectation of a midterm, have 3 cans of red bull, and two cups of coffee.
Do not buy "Neuticles", for gods sake. What is wrong with people? Why is there a market for these things?
Do not assume I have done any or all of these things.

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