Saturday, October 01, 2005

October The First

It's midterm week for me, at college. Starting monday, I have some hassle or the other all the way up to saturday, my last midterm. Following this, I have a week long break, where I intend to try to do little aside from catch up on movies, computer games, and other normal things you're supposed to bloody be doing in college.

That gripe dealt with, it's The First Of October. Let's all celebrate the start of another month, a new beggining. Well, I hope it will be a new beggining, but only time will tell.

Octopus Porn

In the very distinguished society of debators that I belong to, we bring up several topics of discussion and debate in our sessions, and argue them out in parlimentary style. We are polite, formal and I'm pretty much done lying now. The fact is, every so often we get bored, and need to find a really strange topic to debate on. For Thursday Training, The Motion Before The House was that Animated Child Pornography should be legalised. Suffice to say, it made for interesting argumentation; not often do the words hentai when senior members who shall not be mentioned at this point brought up the matter of Octopus Porn, much to general public's surprise, shock and well...disgust.
Surprise: Why in god's name do you know about octopus porn?
Shock: You KNOW what octopus porn is? What in gods name is that?
Disgust: THAT is octopus porn! My god man, what have you been doing?

This is of course a very sober and family oriented blog, so under no circumstances shall I be elaborating on what the mentioned act entails, although I will say that the Japanese are a bunch of filthy perverts. Certain other writers on this journal might point out to you that there are 233000 google entries for Octopus Porn, but then you'd have to take their word for it. Since they're now on vacation, and have free time on their hands, they might even be as kind as to answer your queries.

Hopefully, regular psychology will work at this point, and you shall all immediately be googling for the same. Suffice to say you're all filthy perverts.
Go away. It's october the first. I think I shall go to Pearl's Hill City Park and step on some frogs.

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