Monday, April 17, 2006

Its Good to be Out

The world was mean to me, and I was afflicted with the scourge of chicken pox. It was a loving and thoughtful gift from my roommate, to whom all I would like to say is, Just wait till I catch scabies. Or even German Measles....

Anyhow, the world decided to more than make up to me. It has been exceptionally astounding to me since I have returned from quarantine, by amusing and entertaining me. I went out to town with assorted members of the phamily, and one of the most interesting sights in this weird lil place called Bangalore greeted me. Imagine this. Theres a one way road, leading from N to S(usual geographical abbreviations followed). This road is constructed to lead on to a fly over. The flyover, on the other end, is connected to Another road, going from S to N. One way. The day of the opening of the flyover, there are a couple of major accidents. (who'd have thunk it, eh, with traffic coming face on from both ends?) So they solve this problem by this really cool technique. Half the flyover is one way in N-S, the other half is one way in S-N. They created two extra branches to the damn thing. In the middle, without the aid of a traffic light, traffic switches over from one side to the other. Just like the blood did in the chapter on Circulation in high school. Its highly fascinating. Bloody stupid, also, but fascinating nonetheless.

In class, one of my wisest and erstwhile most respected profs informed us that she doesnt believe in the theory of evolution. Now, irrespective of what I might be studying, I still consider myself a student of science. I have forever been fascinated by the subject because I think evolutionary science, especially evolutionary biology, is one of the most interesting subjects there is. I of course dont expect people to concur with my views. But in this day and age, to flat out deny the existence of a well documented phenomenon, is just...well, to my mind at least, a bit myopic and rather absurd. To a point raised in class, she also attributed women's physical inferiority to men- in terms of running, and hunting skills, etc- to the system of patriarchy. Now, I'm all for women's rights, and all for equality. But you have to face the fact someday or the other, that the two genders Are different, you cant compare apples and oranges, as I read somewhere. It made for interesting discussion, at least. And I was called a pseudo-male-supporter. Sigh.

I have been given a very lucrative offer. To sing in the Univ. competition. If I accept, technically, its not My fault what happens. I mean, all Im doing is what they ask me for, right?

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