Thursday, April 13, 2006

Woo Hoo!

My exams are over. Yay! I'm free, I can sprawl around and do nothing completely guilt free. For the next week and a bit, before summer term starts, I shall start resembling Garfield in character(sadly not in form) and shall aspire to the better life. I shall also, at some point, go for the Fullerton Chocolate Buffet, where you have all you can eat chocolate.

In completely unrelated news, Diga actor Rajkumar's death, a man we only know for his wonderful rendition of "If You Come Today" passed away, promping mass riots and mourning in Bangalore, and has brought the IT capital to a halt.

It happens only in India.

Anyhow, this blog offers him tribute, now that it's too late.
Tick tick tick tick tick tick. Dorling!

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