Thursday, March 09, 2006

Why I love Debating Society

Scene: Training, prep time for debate
Motion: This House would require consent of both parents in cases of InVitro Fertilization
Side: Opposition

Ashwin: "...we're talking about men who are incapable of producing impregnable sperm"
Yogi: "Ashwin, the word is sterile"
Ashwin: "Oh, yeah"
Three of us laugh uncontrollably for five minutes
Yogi:"Impregnable means something that cannot be penentrated, why would you want to penetrate a bloody sperm?"
Ensue more laughter

Bhavya:"And here's the line for the reply speech...There was once a time when the sun never set over the British Empire, now the son will never rise in the British Empire!"

Unending pointless laughter

Needless to say, we lost the debate.
I blame it on the adjudicators. They're all a bunch of men incapable of producing impregnable sperm.

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