Wednesday, February 23, 2005

Terrible Choices

When you are at home for a prolonged period of time, such as I am right now, there are strange things you look foward to. One of these is the odd day when you don't have plans to step out of the house at all, no revision class, no trip to the local market, no nothing.
Okay, these days aren't all that rare, but one still enjoys them. You know why? Because you don't have to get all fancied up. Translation: I can spend the day in sweatpants and a t-shirt, and not put on underwear. Go commando, as the phrase goes.

Now, this is all very well, right upto the point that you are told towards the end of the day that you're in fact invited to go out for dinner. Now comes the terrible choice, for having to go to dinner means that you must a)Dress Up(Pants and a Shirt), and b)Get underwear on.
The condition b) must be satisfied, for as all people know, you can't leave the house without underwear, it's not a done thing. Don't ask me why it's not a done thing, but it's one of those restrictions engraved in most people's social make up. If I have met any of you socially, and you have actually not had underwear on, then I am much shocked and disgusted, and don't step near me again.

Oh, yeah, the point. I always lose track of that. One now has to make the terrible desicion of going out to a dinner to a nice place or not, for the former choice involves having to get underwear on, when you have had pretty much an understanding with yourself about how the day would be spent Spetsnaz.
Now there are all these issues, I'll have to expend fresh underwear for only two to three hours of the day, and then they won't be fresh no more, but won't exactly be unfresh. So the timit limit expansion for wearing them again is in a state of uncertainity, can I wear them for half a day more, or will they be fine for a whole new day of usage?
The last time I had to make this choice, I just chose to stay at home, and save myself the whole bother of thinking about it, but this time, I guess I gotta go...

The worst thing is nobody feels my pain, instead I'm given cruel and disdainful looks by certain female members of family.

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