Sunday, June 27, 2004

He's Off

Early this morning, Bhaiyya left for IIM, Bangalore. He's going to be gone the next two years, and well, after that, who knows where he'll be and where he'll be working. I might have bigshot brother in foreign multinational.

Strangely enough, I'm going to, and I think I already am missing him. Its not like when he was in Patiala, and coming home all the time, there's a finality about him going to Bangalore. He's not returning, and whats making it worse is that it makes me think, in a years time, I'm going to be gone too.

Compounded to this, my big house, which was not so long ago a little house, has now got even bigger. When once I had to share a room with my brother and cousin, I now have two rooms from which to choose from. Anyone who thinks that this is a great thing, and that so much space is great, can quite frankly go shoot himself in the head. Its big, unpersonal, and lonely.

Blah! Its damn hard to study in a mood like this. Thankfully, I finished the major portion of my padhai three days ago. I have today to relax, before I get back to serious studying, before my first paper on Thursday, Mathematics. Godwillingly, I'll get a 90 plus. But then, I don't believe in god, do I?

Bhavya's 406th Law
Everyone becomes a believer when exams come around.

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