Monday, January 09, 2006

Things I learnt this Weekend

  • Political Science is boring. I mean, Really, incredibly dull at times. Especially discourses on Jurgen(with an umlaut) Habermas. He rambled rather a lot. And rather painfully, too.
  • Babies are OK sometimes. They are incredibly soft, too. And as long as you don't squish them or sit on them or drop them, they sort of like you too.
  • Chicks-nay, frustrated with life chicks- in a Girls Hostel come up with some rather incredible theories. Here's one which I am proud to say, I was partlyresponsible for. God is a Male. This is logically consistent. Left to themselves, All women would go for other women, since women are, compared to men(in the words of my lovely floormate) "nicer, more sensitive, more intelligent, listen better, and are Way softer". With a world full of lesbians(yeah, the mental pictures can stop now), the world would soon move on to Dolly-like procreation, and Men, as a species, would die out. God doesnt want his species to die out.Ergo, women go for men. Ergo, God is a male.
  • If you start convinceing enough people that its Person X's birthday, enough people Get convinced, and then you end up sharing cake with a lot of people. Often, though, you get into trouble for taking out a lot of cake from the mess.
  • The closer to going back home you get, the greater your disinclination for washing the increasingly dirty pile of clothes. Simplest expedient: beg, borrow, steal new clothes.
  • All my shoes are with different people in hostel, and I am now in possession of merely one pair of slippers.
  • It is more than possible to last more than a month(in fact, one month and 7 days to be precise) on Rs. 4500. This is living including splurging on (ahem) dates, book shopping, AND phone recharges. Hah. Leader of Cheapskates Anonymous, thats me.
  • Proximity of exams makes you write weird stuff.
  • Dating is economically inefficient, since the opportunity cost is often too high, a Big Push is often required to get you out a situation, and resources are not distributed according to needs. Long Live Somu!

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