Tuesday, August 10, 2004

Just a little Patience

Every family carries a few sayings, wise saws that you hear enough times to get ingrained into your psyche, though not heard often enough to make you resent them. My family has enough, but a particular favourite of mine, and my father's, is this 'un.

"The Vulture is a Patient Bird"

While this doesn't sound exceedinly profound, its one of the best lessons I've learnt. What is basically means is that, like the vulture, if you're patient, and stick around, you can pick off things that hastier creatures of habit will definitely miss.
Basically, when you feel that people around you are getting ahead really fast, and that you should jump into the fray, to grab that quick advantage, just remember the value of patience. Plan ahead, way ahead, and be ready to pick off the scraps.

I was asked today, if it ever gets one down that the rats in the rat race seem to be getting ahead, and that a lot of times, a lot of fakers and Peter Keatings(Go read Fountainhead) get all the glory. Who cares? The Vulture is a patient bird, and whatever goes around, without any fail, comes around. Its the whole circle of life type thing, central to Buddhist Philosophy, and Disney Animated Movies.
I talk too much, me sign off now. Besides, its nice and raining. Should go for a stroll.

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