Tuesday, August 31, 2004

Aaargh! Shreyas Curse

The Shreyas Curse bit back, with a vengance at C.C.S, that's Carmel Convent School for the rest of the world, and "Conti Caregi Saali" for Don Boscans. MIS pulled one over us, came first, and left us at second, at what was quite an okay quiz. Participation could have been a lot better, but hey, MIS were there, Columbas were there, we were there, Springdales were there, so who gives a damn about the rest, right?
Its just as well, I guess, the poor chaps from MIS were about to be excomminicated from school for not even qualifying in most quizzes after their Columban win, so they managed to salvage some prize.
Anyhow, we walked out of there Rs.500 richer, so all Kharcha Paani is starting to get taken care of. Coffers are now up to Rs. 2200, a book voucher I already spent, plus a TV and bike, and other random nonsense. Not bad for a months activity.
Scaran was loudly complaining about the lack of decent computer quizzes, and the complete apathy of prizes in Computer events. Well, hey, the dot com bubble burst, and no one seems to want to fund that kind of stuff anymore. Its kinda sad, I guess, but then, its a niche event.

I'm reading a great book right now, it's called "The Agony and the Ecstacy", by Irving Stone, and is a biographical novel about the life of Michealangelo, the painter/sculptor. I must thank Sonali (Bhasin) for reccomending it, he was quite an intense chap, and the book is a riveting read. Plus, its quite stimulating, and I've come up with a couple of short story concepts while reading it, one of which I plan to flesh out today or tomorrow, and I will have written and posted it by fridays.

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