Friday, August 27, 2004


For all of you who've had doubts, this blog is not dead. It simply ran out of juice. And before all you girls start going, "Oh, whats the use of living anymore", I mean my DSL line was dead.

Now, after that shamless ripoff of Lord Flashheart, of Blackadder, lets get onto more important things.

Firstly, I would like to roundly abuse touchtel, my DSL providers, for having the worst customer care service on the planet earth. After first deciding that I wanted my line shifted to Papa's office, they then decided that there was, in fact, absolutely nothing wrong with my line. After taking much of my time and sanity over the last week and a half, I finally got them to send a chap to fix the damn thing.
Their technicians, however, are very sincere chaps, who get the problem sorted out sharpish. They also had the genius of coming at 5 15, which meant that with no one else in the house, I had to cut tuition to ensure that they got the job done.

So, basically, my blog has been dead for about a week and a half, which is seriously unfortunate, because I've had loads to write about. So I'm just going to list of a few things, and again borrowinging shamelessly from my brother, will expand on whatever you guys want me to, by dropping the appropriate comment. I'll cover probably the four most popular choices.

  1. Mundane Musings on Independance
  2. My Return to Shri Ram, and why I'm so glad I left in the first place
  3. Why Derek O'Brian should go stick his head in a pig
  4. Morals, Jayalalitha, and Don Bosco(they are, by the way, connected)
  5. Class Dynamics, and the Saga of Shravan's Parenthood
  6. Major Footage on the Front Page, and how I hope it solved a few problems
  7. A review of Losing my Virginity, Richard Bransons Autobiography
  8. New Methods of Breaking Up, and why Alanis is a bitch
If you comment quickly enough, I might just get it up by tonight. Me feel like writing a lot, and in the absence of blog, I wrote short story which I shouldn't have. And no, none of you can read.

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