Friday, March 18, 2005

The Final Countdown

It's now officially "not too far away from the end of the boards", as I have two to go, and three days to give them in. Tomorrow, I give a board exam for which I have studied, and I kid you not, the exact period of two hours for, and plan to double my study time tomorrow morning. It is economics, so that basically means I'm still going to do just as well, or badly, as I would have with my normal 3 hours of study, that I have done all year.

Ah, what rubbish I fill this post with. It's almost like those of other depressed board bloggers, but no, you are at Blah!, you deserve better. I shall enthrall you with tales of wonder and joy.
Who am I kidding, there's no tales of wonder and joy availible yet. But just you wait. From next week, you damn will get what you have been denied, A Daily Dose of Blah! Co-incidently, the 21st is also the Anniversary of Blah!, the fine day last year when this blog metamorphised to it's present form.

I shall tell you of a great syndrome, sweeping the good lands. As I have previously mentioned, it is soon to be "after the boards", and many people are freaking out, because much they had put off, and planned to do "after the boards" must be done shortly, and are fast discovering that they don't have the balls to go through with it.
Yes, I talk of countless bored, depressed males, and the rare desparate-to- prove-herself- to be-straight-female(yes, they do exist, in RKP, everything exists) who promised to fix themselves up "After the Boards".
Now comes the fun time, doesn't it? Next week, we shall discover what seniors before us have long discovered, it's not that great a plan after all. But I have kept mum all this while, I have inwardly laughed and sniggered at the futility of it all, these great mission statements of "After the Boards", but the time has come, oh yes, the time has come for me to laugh.
But, such is life.

As for me, I too have great plans, fantastic plans up ahead. It shall be a summer of much joy and celebration, and I plan to equip myself in the intervening time with the skills and moves that a young man about town, and about to head off to college needs. I talk of the mother skill, what human beings have spent 10,000 years of evolution and learning to perfect, to experiement, and to pass down from one generation to the next. When man invented fire it was, contrary to beliefs expressed by Coupling's creator Steven Moffat, not meant to put light to otherwise clad-by-the-night female bottoms, it was to cook!
Yes, I shall learn what many a caveman learnt, what many a khansama learnt, and what many a glutton failed to learn, much to his great misfortune. I shall master the art, the science of Cooking.
Now, isn't that a much better plan than a three month fling?

I've also got a few other things planned, but we can talk about those another day, a more sane day, when I am not rambling on like a looney tune.

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