Friday, March 25, 2005

Icle PEE-SEA's Happy Birthday

Or How Not to Plan a Suprise 18th Birthday Celebration

Well, first off, Happy birthday, boss. You're officially official now, and we shall expect you to get your ATM card and driving liscence, so we can mooch off you, and use you as a taxi service for the rest of the holidays. With great age comes great responsibility, and other random things that must be said when one crosses the great barrier.
Now, I shall narrate you a great tale, of joy and wonder. I told you I'd be full of them shortly, and boy do I not dissapoint.

PC's cousin sister Nitya had great intentions, she wished to surprise her little? cousin on his 18th, so tried her hardest, along with her mom, to assemble a rag tag group of friends to rendezvous at house at midnight, storm the place, arise him from slumber and wish him happy birthday with chocolate cake in hand.
Problem number one: Assembling group of friends at midnight. Realization that friends living outside of locality cannot be reasonably expected to make it on their own, all the way to GK.
Problem number two: Loudly yelling at above mentioned friends for having no spirit and soul about the whole matter, so that birthday boy in question knows you're up to something.
Solution number one: Get your mother to pick up above mentioned friend at midnight, and convince nearby friends to in fact, reach on time.
Problem number three: Keeping quiet, so that you don't wake up birthday boy, thus ruining the last few elements of surprise left, for he already knows that something is up.
Solution number three: Go ssshhhhhh.... a lot, while climbing stairs to enter abovementioned birthday boy's house.
Problem number four: Idiot cousin Varun Chadha, who absolutely must bang the door really hard, during the whole ssshing episode, thus awakening dog of above mentioned birthday boy, who proceeds to wake up half of Greater Kailash.
Well, that was that. The lad arose, and the only surprise that we had left was that he didn't have a clue who had assembled from far and wide for his midnight cake ceremony. We proceeded to lather his unshaven, disgusting mug with icing, and after making usual prefunctory noises, left to play a game of footie at around one at night. We wrapped up in around 20 mins, after being shooed off by Tai who could not sleep due to our loud ruckus.
So I spend the night, or day as it may be at PC's, and wait for rest of jing bang company to show up the next morning, to continue days celebrations.
However, those are not as interesting as the events I have described above, and we shall skip them, for you have been promised tales of wonder and joy, and not tales of utmost boredom.

In other, completely unrelated news, I made it to Boston University.
The agony of choice.

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Anonymous said...

Congrats. I made it to BU too.