Saturday, July 23, 2005

Know a Guy?

I used to be an introvert. That is, in fact, an understatement. I used to be, in the mould of my brother, a loner with a couple of friends and no more. Then, of course, four years back DPS R.K. Puram happened. But contary to simple empirical evidence, this wasn't *alone* what changed me. Especially when I see a lot of Newadmin Dipsites who have become if anything more reserved once inside The Factory. What changed me was my section.
See, I pretty much hated my section in the Ninth and Tenth. I got along with about all of five people, and didn't really have much in common with anyone. At a point I said to myself, this is bloody DPS R.K Puram, there's a helluvalotta people in this school, and I've got plenty more to meet. It's obvious I'm not going to find what I'm looking for in here. So in tenth, V 4.0 launched, and I became an out and out extrovert, seeking out new life and new civilization. I was not dissapointed, I found the most remarkable bunch of people I may ever meet in my batch, and some of them have become my greatest friends.
My father once told me the importance of networking, and I took that advice to heart. Over the last two years, I've met and befriended more people than I can mention, but you can't be friends with everyone, so I guess I've made my share of enemies as well. Lets just say that I've discovered people have very strong views when it comes to me, call it a corollary to Bhavya's Law.
Bottom line: I know a guy. Hell, I now know a lot of guys. The problem is, I don't "know a guy who knows a guy", because I'm very particular about my network. It's gotta be a first person basis type thing. No sense knowing someone through someone, till you can get to meet him/her yourself.
You know what? I'm better off for it. Simon and Garfunkel's "I am a Rock" used to be an Anthem for me, I've now realised that I may be a rock, but I'm a rock firmly entrenched in one hell of a mountain; and that's the way things should be.
PS: Kill me if I become a part of the mountain, what?

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