Wednesday, June 08, 2005

Bollywood: Still Growing Up

Bunty aur Babli disspointed, and yet had it's moments. I've seen a few hindi movies in theatres of late(hell, I've seen a few MOVIES in theatres of late), and bollywood is changing. Let me characterise two Rani hits, last years Hum Tum, and this year's Bunty aur Babli. Both have great acting performances, good sets, and excellent technical work. They look sharp and snazzy, and you can really get involved with the characters. So what's still missing? Someone who can finish off a plot well. Here's the thing, the last few big hit movies I have seen, they start great, but ineveitably end up terribly. Someone in the Bollywood fraternity has got to figure out how to finish things off, they seem to have the same disease as the equally famous Indian Cricket Team.

That said and done, I haven't seen decent fair from Hollywood in a real long time. Aside from the old gaurd, there doesn't seem to be a single new actor or actress who can hold you to the screen. Dialogues, which have actually seen a Major Improvement with bollywood (I really loved some of the touches and lines given to Rani and Abhishek in BnB), have completely fallen apart in Hollywood(Read Star Wars). No memorable lines anymore, is my point. No new ones, at any rate.

All said and done, I've got a feeling the summer hits two years down the line are going to be a lot more enjoyable than anything HOllywood can come up with.

Additionally, I had an epiphany of sorts. I've finally discovered the purpose of purposeless songs in Hindi Movies.

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