Saturday, June 18, 2005

The Lure of the Interview

The St. Stephens Interview List came out today, and I'm on it. I've got interview calls for Physics and Chem, and I think I'll give the interview for Chem Hons. Why, you may ask. And why, I shall answer.

It's a St. Stephen's interview. One of the most hallowed and gaurded interviews a student can ever go through, it is said to be quite an experience. There are some who say it is as shit scary as an IIM interview, but these things are probably old wives, or old student's tails. It is, in short, a hell of an adventure, and that's something I simply can't turn down. Except, there are a few problems.

You see, a part of this whole Bhavya 5.0 thing I've got going now is that I've become Introspective, Circumspect, and generally far less likely to say exceedingly stupid things at the bloody wrong time. Great life skill to learn yes; but the fun quotient in life gets drastically reduced. My interview at DPS R.K.Puram, which I might have mentioned in passing, is the greatest example of saying the wrong thing at the wrong time. Sample now, in full.

Madame Chona: So do you want to join DPS?
Bhavya Khanna: I'm not sure, I don't really think so.
Madame Chona: So you did quite well in the English Admission Test
Bhavya Khanna: It was horrible, the paper had grammatical errors in it.
Ma: Kicks Bhavya under table, makes nasty glances at the same
Bhavya Khanna: Whaaat?
Madame Chona with bemused expression on face

Later That Day
Madame Chona: So decide, do you want to Join DPS?
Bhavya Khanna: (Reluctantly) I guess so...

This is actually the worst possible interview you can have, while actually getting into an institution, and I doubt seriously that even I can match myself in any kind of form. Which is why I look to the St. Stephen's experience as a bit of a challenge, I have nothing to lose their and no real desire to get in(Me already going to college, no?). It's just a set up for me to make a complete ass of myself again, hopefully in the prescence of one Mr. Anil Wilson.

But then, there's the whole bit of being circumspect. Damn and blast it all. Let me see if I can use Bhavya 3 for just one day...

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