Thursday, January 20, 2005


Ah, the big news for today, and it's nice to have some good news after a long time. I have been shortlisted by Singapore Management University, and my interview will be next month. This basically means they're happy with my acads, extra-curriculars and SAT Scores, and are ready to see if I'm a well rounded type of guy.
This is a lot of good news, because the way I see it, I've just cleared my weakest side.
So yes, I'm feeling happier and more secure at the moment, which I haven't felt for sometime, so basically: YAY!
Anyhow, on to less important things. I had something to write about yesterday, and I shall finish writing about it today.

Hedonism Redefined

I am a hedonist, that is, I see the purpose of my life(aside from the long term, biological purpose of creating new life) as having a whole lot of fun. I'm absolutely commited to my own happiness, and quite frankly don't care if everything else goes to bally hell to achieve it. A year and a half ago, I took a desicion (yes, I've spelled it incorrectly for the thousandth time, give me a break, I don't know how to spell words with e's, c's and s's all in combination) not to do Engineering, because, well, I'd seen my brother go through it, and I was sure that this was not something I could handle for the next six years of my life. It would have made me really unhappy, as I would have struggled and struggled my way through it, and never really done well enough. I don't enjoy that, no I don't, so I decided to drop the whole idea.
But here's the deal. Hedonism isn't only about the short run, you have to ensure your happiness over as long a period of time as you can. Thus, if I wanted to hang out with my brother while he was here, which admittedly would have been great fun, I didn't, delaying that pleasure for the pleasure of not having to fail in the Preboards.
Of course, this wasn't a great desicion, because my studying didn't seem to have any relavence to my actual result, but that's another story. The point has been made. It is important sometimes to sacrifice a moments joy for a larger moments pleasure, and it is important at other times to see if you're really sacrificing a lot of time and effort for something that's not going to make you particularly happy at the end of it.

Well, I must now sacrifice the pleasure of listening to very good music, playing freecell, and writing, to go study for my Practeecals. Lets hope that at least pays off, otherwise I might just switch to a complete Hedonist, living only for the moment.

Oh, it slipped my mind.
Sasta for the Day: What do you call the study of systematically tallying where snake bites occur on the human body?

A Poison Distrubution

And yes, I'm making these up on my own now.

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