Thursday, January 06, 2005

Bhai Aaya

It's been a long time, hasn't it? Well, I've been very busy, very busy indeed, doing a lot of maths, and some physics, and here lies the problem. I'm writing right now, which is easily interpreted as "I've run out of study steam", and it's very very hard to keep a level of intensity going. Preboards are now all of three days away, and I just hope I get back into the groove this afternoon. Anyhow, a quick(could it be anything else) recap of my super exciting life since the new years.
My brother came home on the third-fourth(whatever you call the twilightzone of midnight), and in the three days that he's been here, I've actually had a very productive study time, largely due to the fact that I beat it from home, and studied at my tuition center. But then, the maths course got over, and you just can't put the same amount of time into any other subject as you can while doing maths sums.
On the distraction and "lets give the child a life" front, my brother got home CD's full of movies, songs and Music Videos. Of these the finest must be Manamadarasa.
Now, those closer, dearer and more able to tolerate me will have experienced in the past the sheer badness of Tamil Pop Music, as the last great gem my brother sent me, and continuously sang all the time was this wonderful little ditty known as "O Podu" ,which he later translated as "Give it, give it, stick it, stick it, Fuck You."
Let me assure you that the only thing worse than Tamil Pop, is Tamil Pop videos. Manamadarasa in particular, which is said to be a superhit, and what all the cool dudes at IIM B dance to(or attempt to dance to) is their champion, and I have seen it.
How do I describe this? The video opens with a very long drawn out Maaaaaaaaaaaanamaadaraaaaaasa, followed by, for some odd reason, Horses Neighing. Then the guy comes in to dance with the Not-So-Fat Tam female. The dancing is of a quality seldom seen, even in our age of remixed disasters. Imagine Govinda. Imagine Prabhudeva. Imagine they had a live in relationship relationship as life partners in Chennai, and through the marvels of genetic engineering, produced offspring. This offspring took to a career of dance, and subjected us to the Jhatkas and Pelvic Thursts of Govinda, at the speed and sheer agility of Prabhudeva. Such is the lead of Manamadarasa(Which is by the way translated into "God of Sex" or something like that). This is what comes out of erstwhile the most conservative society of India, the Tam-Brams.
Well, don't believe a word of it. These Tams are crazy.

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