Monday, January 24, 2005

Tennis Heroes

My Preboards, corr. bless their soul, are over. It is now a month and a bit before my boards begin, which is an insanely large amount of time, and I am bored to death, sick to death, and generally have been pushed to death by studying.
So I've taken a short haitus, before revision classes start at my Tuition Center, and till then, I have found ample entertainment in the Australian Open grand slam. After the praccis got over this Saturday, I spent a wonderful Sunday morning watching two exceptional matches, exceptional for entirely different reasons.

The first was between the man to whom the blog title generally speaks of, Andre Agassi, and a young Swede named First Name I can't Pronounce of Spell Properly Johannson. The match was incredible, it was amazing, it was good enough that I have run out of adjectives to describe it. It was your classic experience versus youth, David versus Goliath type thing, and unlike what generally happens in real life, Agassi one.
The Swede had the biggest serve I have seen in a long time. It was just sheer power, harder hit than even Roddick's gunshots. He hit, in total, an incredible 51 aces, and an even higher number of straight winners, and Agassi still managed to take it in four sets, after loosing the first in the tiebreaker. There were games where Agassi could actually not get a touch on the ball, because four straight aces ensured that he had no chance. The beauty of the game was Agassi's patience, and skill. If a first serve was missed, Agassi won the point on second serve. If the first serve was anywhere within a 3 meter radius of his body, he somehow managed to return it. It was just an incredible game.
It's made even more incredible by the fact that this man is 34. He's in wonderful shape, nobody his age plays competitive tennis at the kind of intensity and level he does. I salute the man, for his skill, his perseverance, and his mental strength.
Oh, and he's funny too. His interviews are great to watch. After his fourth round victory, when asked how he felt about facing Roger Federer next, his response was quick and kurt.
"Roger Who?"
You gotta love the man.
Oh, the next match was also excellent, because it had Maria Sharapova.
You really gotta love her.

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