Friday, December 31, 2004

Bad Timing

The Western World, and thus pretty much our world's new years is simply at the wrong time. This year, it's especially at the wrong time, in about a hundred different ways. I just wish we could all celebrate the new years like it was meant to be done, on Diwali, but such is life.
Here's why 31st December is Bad Timing.
Because over One Lakh people have died, and god knows how many more have been affected by the Tsunami. But then, that's hardly the year's fault.
Because it's cold, very cold, there's a wind blowing, and it's miserable. This is the time of the year's fault. They could have chosen November, or perhaps March, like the Chinese, but no, it had to be January.
Because I have preboards in a week and a half, and it's impossible to study properly in this kind of weather, hell, it's hard enough to type.
Because I'm feeling miserable, as I usually do at this fantastic time of the year.
I just wish it would get warmer, I wish these three months of my life could dissapear quickly, but I've got a feeling they're going to be long, protracted and hard to bear.
There's nothing to learn anymore, no competitions, no excitement in life, no interaction, all there is is questions and answers, questions you'd rather not ask, and answers you can't remember to give.
It's been a rollercoaster year, with it's major major share of ups and downs. I lost a bet at the beggining of the year, or maybe, I won it. Who knows. In February, I had the time of my life in Kanpur, in March, I outdid myself in my class 11 finals, in April, I learnt what a terror class 12 was going to be, through the summer I got further convinced of the fact. I had my last few hurrahs in August, September and October, with the end of my competitive life in school, and November December passed by in a flood of memories.
Anyhow, resolutions are all nonsense, no one ever follows them, so I thought I'd come up with a list of things to do for the next year instead. It's divided into the likely, and the damn near impossible, so I don't have to cry about not achieving half of them. They're not stated in any particular order of sanity, though they do have a common theme running through them. If you can aid me in achieving any of the Damn Near Impossible ones, contact me whenever. Especially if you got a clue about the Book or Ice Cream.

  1. Gaining Ten Kilos(I needs the weight)
  2. Becoming a Part Time Quizmaster
  3. Going to College!
  4. Having a milky coffee
  5. Learning how to drive
Damn Near Impossible things to Do
  1. Gaining two inches(In height, you sickos)
  2. Getting a book published
  3. Going backpacking around Europe
  4. Having Sugarplum Ice Cream
  5. Learning how to Skydive
Remember, impossible is just a word.
Happy Old Year, everybody, and besta luck tomorrow onwards. I'd give the season's greetings too, but lets face it, tis not the season to be jolly.
In the immortal words of my brother. I Hate Winter.

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