Sunday, April 10, 2005


My subconcious is as boring as I am. They say that a man's subconcious contains a hidden side of him, I think that's quite apparently tosh. Mine is just a non-waking image of myself, it sticks to the tried and tested more often than not, experimenting only with situation.
I refer of course, to it's dreaming and more specifically nightmare habits. I've now had pretty much the same nightmare for two years, and have become grimly aware of the fact for the last six months. This is because, after a point, you start recalling that essentially the same thing keeps happening to you, and much like Agrajag, I am now awoken from the nightmare not so much with a sense of fear and dread, but with the sensation that echoes "Oh no, not again" in a highly bored and frustrated manner.

Here's how it goes. Subconcious will first insert random situation for me to be in. This could be getting up in the morning, being at school, going for a walk, anything. Next, a new person will enter the dream, it's always a different person, thankfully, so it prevents me from complete boredom. Then, the predictable bit happens. My teeth start falling out, very rapidly. I can feel them coming out, and I can taste the blood in my mouth. I can feel the serrated edges biting my tongue as I brush them out of my mouth, as if I was seven years old and having my first few milk teeth leave my mouth.
At this point, the person in the dream starts explaining what is going on, and before I get to hear the explanation, I always wake up, in a start, and check to see if my teeth are all still there.
Thus ends my nightmare, except it's not scary anymore, because it's always the same one. Maybe my subconcious is trying to tell me something, which is likely because I'm dense enough to not get the point even after two years. But then maybe my subconcious should think of a new way to get the message across, because this is getting stale. I'm sick of this nightmare, and don't wish to have it again. Maybe by giving it full reign in the real world of my blog, it will dissapear from my dreams.
Then again, maybe not. I'll never know till I know.

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