Wednesday, April 27, 2005

Return of the Squall

Many people will tell me I'm insane, but that is to be expected. The fact remains, I love Delhi summers. They're amazing fun, they're hot, sweaty and throw up strange and unusual behaviour all the time. How could any straight man not like a Delhi Summer?
On the strange and unusual behaviour front is the much mentioned squall. Nice and proper one we had today. Around sixish, the skies became dark, around six-oh-one-ish, a wind started blowing. Around six-oh-two-ish, the wind almost took out all the windows in the house, but as one is used to the intricacies of Delhi weather, when the skies turned dark, I raised the claxon call, for the windows to be shut and boarded up good. The wind lasted for around ten minutes, at which point it started to rain. Lovely rainfall, that made the wind turn into a cool breeze. In the space of fifteen minutes, the entire weather of the city had changed. You have to love squalls, for their sheer power, and ability.

On top of that, my Gulmohar had it's first blossom today. In a few days time, the whole tree will be ablaze in fiery red, putting shame to the scorching summer sun. In storms, the tree holds still, losing maybe a branch or two, during the harsher squalls. It's the best, it's stood almost as long as the house has, through sickness, termites, 1984's riots, horrible monsoons, bitter winters, and year after year it blooms. It's my ultimate symbol of perseverance and beauty, and fuck anyone who's got a problem with me putting up more photos of it soon.

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