Friday, May 27, 2005

Tennis Ball

One of the advantages of being male is the simplicity your mind offers you. You can simply not think at times, and this prevents you from getting majorly bored. Two or more guys together do not have to talk to enjoy themselves, all they need is one of mankind's lesser appreciated inventions. The Ball.
I refer of course to the game of catch. The game is simple, get a spherical ball like thing, preferably tennis, but in times of need things as varied as cotton, tin foil and knitting wool have been used. Once the object has been aquirred or arranged, simply throw it back and forth, and ensure you're not completely incapable of latching on to it, a la stranger members of society now safely placed in Bangaali hellholes.

The greatest thing about the game of catch is that it completely empties your mind. I am completely incapable of any serious multitasking if you take me away from my keyboard, so you can either think about catching or you can think about insane things(which as I have mentioned is what happens when you are bored). Thus the game of catch represents freedom from the shackles of thought and should thus be given an award of kinds for helping many people get through the day. God alone knows what one would do without it. We might be forced to apply our minds.

Star Wars III Revenge of the Sith

Okay, so sue me. I didn't fall magically in love with the film. It didn't move me to tears, as it did certain obese members of society who thinking random punches to the stomach are a fun event.
It's...just a complete timepass movie. Watch it only for the special effects, the plot is pretty much predetermined (you know what happened before, and you know what will happen afterwards). The annoying part was a decent number of the lines were also predictable, and this I do not appreciate. I don't want to go into a theatre knowing what the ruddy actors are going to say. Additionally, everything now seemed to be a path to the dark side, it's a wonder everyone isn't already a Sith Lord. Fear, doubt, anger, confusion, sex, love, power, chocolate, is there anything that won't push me to the darkness?
Then of course, there is the matter of Yoda. Now, one would surely think that a little muppet who's the head of the most learned advanced order in the entire galaxy, and is over 500 years old might have found the time at some point to pick up a few lessons in grammar. But I guess he didn't really find it important. Thus, we are treated to the highly amusing spectacle of watching a little puppet rape the english language. At least he fights well.
Ah, well, I live in hope. Bunty Aur Babli, don't let me down.

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