Thursday, May 05, 2005

Wuthering Heights

By Emily Bronte
(big grin)

The only reason this review is being written is, that most of you will get bored witless by the very Thought of the book, and will never get around to reading it. This will be pretty sad, for various reasons. For one, it is full of Deep Philosophic Truths. For two, it is a Great Love Story. But above of all, it will remind you how truly marvelous your life is, compared to these poor sods.

The setting and locale are supposed to be a reflection on the wilderness and despair in the protagonists’ hearts. But the most endearing part about the book is how it seems to imply that the more the inbreeding, the greater the literary value. Having had to explain this to someone, I realized how truly warped it is. Picture this scene, if you will:

A is B’s sister. (B’s a guy).C is a runaway gypsy, who is adopted by their father. D and E are a neighbouring pair of brother and sister. A and C love each other, passionately. But B hates C. A marries D. For some obscure reason, C marries E. B has a kid, whom C hates, but lives with, called F. A and D have a girl, G. E and C have a boy, H. H and G marry (big surprise). H is a stupid twit, and he dies. Then G marries F. In the middle, A and D die. And C, who loved A more than heaven and earth and everything else combined, kills his own son so that A’s daughter is not happy, so that A’s soul doesn’t rest, so she can haunt him forever.

The beauty of the book is, you actually start believing this nonsensical plot. I mean, when the actions aren’t inexplicable, they are just plain stupid. The only plot stupider than this you are ever likely to find, would be Romeo and Juliet-or maybe Oliver’s Story J. But despite all this, WH is Definitely worth a read…it’ll make you think differently-if you’re patient enough to read through it, that is.

Oh, and by the way, Hey all.

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