Thursday, September 23, 2004

Mini and Me!

For one of the few times in my life, things did work out according to a plan. I'm selling my TV in Mohan Singh Market, and for my birthday's final gift, I got
drumrolls please....
My very own iPod Mini!
Papa returned from his around-the-world-in-fifteen-days trip yesterday, and brought along with him this beeyootiful little thing.
Honestly, this has to be one of the sweetest things ever designed by Apple Corp, and they're probably the best at designing sweet gizmo's in the whole world. While everyone else tries to glam up whatever they do, these guys go for beauty in simplicity, and thus you have a rectangular slab of an MP3 player, no bigger than my palm(which is as it is, very small), which can store all of 4 GB of music, and other things. The thing's design is brilliant. The clickwheel is the easiest thing to use, and you can properly navigate through currently 700 songs, with no hitch whatsoever.
I took it for a test run today, on my way back from tooshan. After 4 hours of maths, walking home with music in my mind is the best thing I can think of, and this accentuated any previous experience of walkman/mp3 player I've ever had. This was incredible. It was like having Winamp, or well, iTunes in my pocket, or more appropriately, on my belt clip.

A funny thing, though, is that to change the volume, you have to swirl around the click wheel, so if you've got it around your belt, and you're walking down the road, it really looks like you're scratching your balls.

So the next time you see a vulgar, crude short guy, bouncing along with headphones in his ear, with a smile on his face, be assured, he's just adjusting the volume, and not his crotch.

That time of the year

Redezvous, the bigass cultural fest at IIT Delhi begins tomorrow.
You know that something is up in IIT when you can see a guy holding one stratocaster in each hand, nonchalantly walk up to the IIT Hostel Gate Bus Stand.
Damn, I wish I had my camera along, to take a snap of that.

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