Saturday, December 04, 2004

Aged Brother Day

Happy Budday Bhaiyya! My Yai Yai Yum Bangaloore brother turns 22 today, and for reasons that you only realise after living with him all your life, he still doesn't have a girlfriend, and the only girl he's interested in is suspect, and may not be interested in guys at all. Besides, she's a minor.
The point being, have a good year, and do crazy wild things, and generally have a blast. When you get more free, towards the end, when you've got your bigass job placement and all, get some Coorgi Babes, otherwise, I may have to start

Anyhow, that is that with the bigass birthday presents. Anyhow, we move on to more important things in life. Actually, we don't because nothing much else is happening in life. This was typified by a visit to Prateek's place, which has officially become the dullest house in the entire world. There are no books, no television, and his greatest entertainment options include wall staring. He even conned me into playing a game of Ludo(which I lost to Vidz). This is basically a sad life, and confirmed what I believed some three years ago, that class 12 is possible the saddest time of your school life.
Anyhow, all is not disastrous. In the Mock Test I gave, for LST, which I did believe was, to use Manu's catchphrase, an unmitigated disaster, turned out not to be. Somehow, I managed to get a All India Rank of 20. This amazed me completely, especially since I had by the grace of a mouse, marked some answers with the completely wrong answer. Also, I knew nothing about the negative marking system, and randomly ticked whenever I felt like it.
You know, life is unfair. For my halfyearlies, I worked my butt off. I studied five straight days of mathematics, and finished a register and a half in that short period of time. For all my efforts, I got a measly 68. On the other hand, this LST thing, which I'm not even serious about, and didn't study for at all, I manage to get an All India Rank. Ditto with my SAT 2 results.
In simple and unadultrated terms.

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