Wednesday, December 01, 2004

Rules, Zindagi ka Superhit Formula

Yesterday, I had a couple of nice chats. The first was with Sonali, a name which is strangely not mentioned very often in my humble(Hahahahahaha) journal. That conversation devolved very quickly, and thus had to be sidetracked with what is known as Polite Conversation by the rest of the world, as is understood as anything but by me. What transpired, after a lot of details that I shall not bore you with, is that I have been pronounced as "one of them", and was berated for having lost my general sarcasm and cynicism about the way things are. This, I do not appreciate, for as far as I know, I'm still as sarcastic as ever, and I hope my blog is fine testament to that. Let us just say that the discussion was a biased one, where the opportunity for cynicism simply did not present itself. Such is the nature of things.
The second discussion was far more interesting. See, every so often, I have a chat with PC, where we chuck all the dramatic details of existence, and just discuss life and living in general. Now, this is an exceedingly strange thing to happen between us, for although we share much in common, including general mindsets towards having vindictive fun, we have completely disparate moral and ethical views on life. So this discussion came up today, when I told him that Law was probably a bad option for me, due to my complete inability to lie.
Actually, I'll amend that. I don't have an inability to lie, in fact, I used to be exceedingly good at it, till the age of 6, I was a pathalogical liar. Then, I just stopped. Completely. I used to suffer from a major lack of credibility, so I just laid down one of my first rules to myself, "I shall not lie". Now PC doubted that one can set rules in life, to which you are unbending to. So to drive home the point, I asked him if he would hit a girl. He said under no condition, and I said exactly. There's no great logical reason that you shouldn't, just as there is no great logical reason that I shouldn't ever lie, its just what you feel is right. Thus, you set a rule for yourself, which you try your hardest not to break, and will only break under extreme conditions.
However, both me and PC are yet to come up with an extreme enough condition to hit a girl, and the situations I suggested kinda fell short. Which brings us to the point that some things can be so exceedingly ingrained in you, that you simply will not bend to them. This was the point I had started out to prove in the first place, and I was damn miffed that I had got it across.
At this point, of course, I had to go for dinner, as I have mentioned previously, one of my deep set rules is, nothing, oh nothing will disturb me during my meals.
Oh, and Blah!'s subtitle just might turn into "Life and Times of an Indian Foodie" for this winter.

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