Tuesday, December 21, 2004

It doesn't get Verse than This

The test series have been going remarkably terribly, just as expected, so I've got better things to do than talk about them.
I will just make an addendum to previous posts, and tell you all that I do have ulcers after all, because the test for H. Pilori randomly decided to turn positive after 36 hours.
Anyhow, I did manage to have a bit of fun this week, in the form of my english paper. Repeating my class 7 performance, but oh so much better, I wrote some of my answers in verse. I however majorly improved upon this, by writing my long 150 word answer entirely in rhyme. Herewith, I shall reproduce my efforts. It's not "geek rap", like Bhaiyyas, but lets face it, I don't do rap.

Q. What was Lord Chesterfield's advice to his son. Discuss any five points in detail.


After Lord Chesterfield's work was done
He sat down to write to his son
He said, son my advice please heed
Do not talk often without need
Inssecantly, it is very rude
To talk without break for food
In mixed company, said the Lord
Provoke not arguments if you're bored
And if the company is at your throat
Lighten the mood with a light joke
Speak not, he said, of yourself
Pride and vanity you must shelf
To leave your audience spellbound, and in trance
Talk with grace and countenance
If your words are good, people will still grumble
If you speak them with a smirk or mumble
The Lord also advised never to use
Even one small word of abuse
If for your reputation you care
Take great measures not to swear
Finally, Lord Chesterfield said to his son
Do not ever mimick, or poke fun
For those who's company you may adore
Will then to you shut the door.

I got six on seven, because Ms. Prema Pandey didn't see fit to give me full. Ms. Takru, who is far more enthusiastic about these things, said I should have got eight.
Many people asked me why me, or my brother chose to do such things. Well, the answer's pretty simple.
Because we can.

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