Tuesday, December 14, 2004

In the End

Today was my last day of regular(or in my case, highly irregular) classes at the Alma Mater. The official last day is tomorrow, but that shall be enjoyed exclusively by the hostelers, and of course, Manisha Roy Choudhary, who wants full attendance for the gazillionth year running.
I'm going to miss a lot. I'm going to miss my character of a class and physics teacher, Subhodh Kumar. We had a bet running what he would say once he had finished the course, as for the last year, he had entered our class and without said, started off by banging the duster on the desk and screaming in his highly nasal tone "What was the last TOPICCCCCCCCCCCCC!"
But yesterday, there was actually the last topic. Just to prove to us that there was no escape from him, he then said, "Now we will do Numericals".
I'm going to miss getting disdainful stares from my English teacher, Ms. Prema Pandey, for spending the majority of her class trying to solve the daily crossword, while simultaneously doing whatever written work was provided to me, so that I had the excuse of having done my work. I also considered handing over Maria to her, for the next generations of Dipsites to use, but she said she'd take it once I pass out, once and for all. It's nice that even though she doesn't believe in the good and holy powers of Maria, she'll willing to ensure that she continues as the team's lucky mascot.
I'm going to miss my Eco Teacher, Dr. Amrita Dutt, and her habitual story telling sessions in class. Here is a teacher who admonishes cheaters by lecturing them with the poetry of Harivansh Rai Bachan, here is a teacher who tells us of the good old days of "Brahmaputra House"; here is a teacher you do not mess with.
I'm even going to miss our maths teacher, V.K Sauron, and his wild and forceful gesticulations, that the front benchers sitting directly infront of me had to swerve and duck to avoid, lest they have their heads chopped off by his flaying arm.
Enough of that. I did, however, have a very productive last day, where I finished not one, but two college applications, and along with Akshay, succeeding in troubling the Counsellor to such a markedly high extent that she finally gave up, and did our work. We did, at one point in the day, go as far as to offer her a loose bribe(to work on the school magazine for her) for now and forever.
Finally, she called us shameless and worse names, said she'd never seen a batch like ours, and managed to finish off our work. I then took of with Akshay for office(he was heading home to Hauz Khas), where I promptly submitted my forms for couriering.
So, that was that, and I've got two forms off today, and I'm feeling highly pleased about life in general.
Now, nothing stands before us and the test series, except our sheer will to bunk. It will test us greatly, and I'm sure that in the end, the holy forces of bunking will win over, at least when it comes to physics.

On a completely unrelated story, but for the simple fact that hazaar people seem to be coming to blah! in search of the link to download bulla ki jaana from the net, for free, I thought I might as well tell the lot of you to go to this site called Cool Goose, sign up there, go to the music section, and download the thing for free. If you like me enjoyed the song enough, you won't mind the five mins that you'll have to take out of your life to get all this sign up work done. Besides, the sites got enough other decent free music for you download hungry lot, so go forth and multiply, or something else important that's written in the bible.
That is all.

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