Monday, December 27, 2004

Old School New School

At the end of my school life, it's easy to just look at all the wonderful years, and think about what a perfect life I've had.
Well, it's been built on a hell of a foundation. Fortunately, or unfortunately, I have a great way of treating things I don't like, am uncomfortable with, or that have in some way caused some mental trauma to me. I bury them. Forget bury, I erase them completely out of my active mind, if they dare pop up, I just send them right back where they belong, my subconcious. Some of these are the kind of things you'd never get to read on this blog, and some are the kind of things I don't even tell my friends. Some things are best left erased.
But like a google cache, memories just don't delete themselves, they stay on indefinitely, till the cache gets bloated enough. Of the memories that come back are my ten years at Shri Ram, often cross referenced in my blog as "The Freakin' Hellhole I had to spend time in before I joined DPS".
Well, even I must admit that this was an overstatement, which is due to the exceptional time and experiences I've had at RKP, which my old school could not have provided me. Freakin' Hellhole may be pushing things too far, but it was certainly a place I was simply not comfortable with.
Here's a warning to everyone who's gone on about the advantages of small schools, and small classes, and all that Jazz: it comes with it's associated disadvantages, and some of those are more than I could handle. First, because things are small, (and because it was, quite frankly, a posh school), there were only one or two types of people there. There was, as The Lost Highway mentions, a great need of everyone to fit in to one mould, one style. If you were different, your life wasn't going to be made very easy, and that was always made quite clear to me, during my stay. I still recall(and possess) my Class 8 report card which had this thing called "My Page", which was generally bullshitting and drawing nonsense on a sheet, and I had suggested in it that we all just write in each others, like a yearbook, so we have better memories when reading it that the silly things we could draw at the time.
When I got my report card back, I had a long note in it from the Headmistress, about how I was arrogant, and very eloquently mentioned, in not so many words, how my opinions meant diddly squat.
It was after this incident that I really knew I wasn't going to fit into TSRS any longer. Then, of course, there were other things that happened in class 8, but like I said, not everything goes on this blog.
Generally, this was the attitude difference in Old School-New School. In TSRS, it had always been you can't, in DPS it has always been you can. In TSRS, you were congratulated for coming third, and then you abused the winners, especially if they were DPS. In RKP, you are asked why you didn't win, even if you came second. But here's the brilliant thing, when you're in RKP, you walk in expecting to win. In old school, I can't ever remember making as close friends in 10 years, as 3 years in DPS. There was just generally no one to talk to, about most things. My only friend actually left in TSRS, Vinay, was in fact a new admission in 8th. I still remember I used to make really good friends with all new admissions, in retrospect probably with the hope that they would be unlike most of my old time schoolmates. In DPS, you could conduct whole conversations with people without swearing at them, for absolutely no rhyme or reason. The few MSN chat convos I've had with old school waale has involved them compulsively abusing. In DPS, your seniors keep coming back, and helped you out, in TSRS, they all became Jholawallas and started running funny youth organisations, that tried to help you out.
So after I really settled into RKP, all these things seemed very very glaring, and old school became the afore mentioned hellhole. But, like I said, it was an overstatement. My childhood years couldn't have been better at any other school, the juniors are taken great care of at TSRS. There's something else nice I had to say, but I think I've forgotten it now.
All in all, I'm really happy old school is old school, and my school is mine. In which other institution could you win a trip to Thailand, go to IIT Kanpur, work your way so hard just to break it to inter school level, meet entire Large Groups with similiar interests and mindsets, and actually truly understand the meaning of Big.
To the disbelievers, to the rumour mongers, the media, to everyone who told me before I joined, and after I joined that I was crazy for leaving old school for new school, I'd like to provide a great big bad raspberry.
Now I'm done with that.

I did have one rather interesting conversation today, with PC, where he claims that ALL women, with only rare exception, are just out to find decent malleable "Raw Material" in guys, so they can mould them into what they find appropriate, thus the more malleable a guy, the more popular he would be.
Can all my female readers please comment, and tell him what a load of tosh he's on about?

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