Thursday, November 18, 2004

Been down that Road again

Today, I had my first Full Length CBSE mock test at tutes, and it was one of my math tutor's specials. The questions on calculus were damn near impossible, and I was really kicked that I'm actually passing in the paper, and may even get 50-60 odd. This is good news, as
a)The CBSE paper will be nowhere near as tough
b)I gave this with minimal preparation (where was the time)
c)Four o clock after a busy school day on a right handed desk are highly test-conducive conditions.

Anyhow, with that over and done with, I was damn kicked. Doing a lot of math, and actually managing to get some of it right gives you quite a bit of a boost, so I had full adreneline rush while heading back home. Furthermore, the Autowallah's tried to stiff me, and I don't like paying for anything, really, so I told tell all to go to hell, in more choice words, and decided to walk it back.
Only, I didn't want to reach home late, so somehere around IIT gate, I decide that I might as well get back a little quicker, and the only way to go is Jog. Besides, when very loud, very pumped up music is running through your pod, its exactly the first thing that pops into your mind. Besides, you want to prove to yourself that ages of sitting around and stuffing yourself silly with Mithai and other tidbits hasn't made you into an out of shape vegetable, and you wish to prove to yerself that you still go it in you to do a Three Kay jog back home, without having your legs complain. Because, of course, these are the only physical part of you that qualifies as better than the below average mortal being According to another really vela online quiz, which consisted of exactly one question (please state your date of birth), my sexiest organs are in fact my knees.
Well, they damn well did, and I jogged the whole way back without as much as a mumble from me legs, and with the weather the way it is these days, one did not even overheat on the way. Alltogether, a good work out on ze way back. Damn straight, I'm not a flabby fatty who can't manage a run. Me proud.
There are those, of course, who will say that one must be insane to jog 3 clicks back home after a three hour maths paper. To them, I'd just like to say, Nyah Nyah, you try doing it. Buncha fatties, all of ya.

Boom! It exploded!

Remember I had mentioned that one of my greatest recurring nightmares was exploding geysers? Well, this evening, I walk into my bathroom, and discover that my geyser, recently repaired, was leaking again. I reported this to mother, in manner of general indignation over the horrible state my bathroom is generally in. The fittings are just crap.
Anyhow, I was much surprised to find out the reason for the like. While I was at school (as you must have guessed by now), the whole thing exploded, caught fire, and is now well and truly kaput.
Which is a damn good thing. It was a terrible geyser. The thing took a minimum of half an hour to heat up water, and didn't make it very hot at all. To add insult to injury, it claimed that it was saving 15% of energy while doing this. Helluva lot of energy it saves when you have to turn it on the night before so that you can have a bath in the morning. Blah!

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