Tuesday, November 16, 2004

The Tuesday that Wasn't

Today was just not a Tuesday. For the umptillionth time this year, the Monday Test was held on tuesday, and we had full Monday timetable, which meant that for the umptillionth time this year, we missed our physics lab. This also means we're all going to fail in physics, but that's another long, and painful story. Till then, we'll all just have to figure out what the last topic was.
Thus, we went on today, like it was a monday. In all effective purposes, it was the first day of the week, only Monday's gone, and as the Kat Stevens song goes, Tuesday's the Day.
It hit me deeply, because the nice comedies that come on monday are not coming today. The entire force of the universe, in effect is disturbed, and it had a profound effect on my subconcious this Tuesday morning, where I had some of the strangest dreams I can ever remember, and its only the really strange ones that you do remember.
The dreams, of course, are none of your business and you will not get to know them, unless you prove yourself to be cute and charming, with a dazzling smile.
This condition is now recognized all over the blogging world, as it has been found that what most regular computer users are in fact interested in is girls with charm, and dazzling smiles, rather than Mozilla Firefox. Of course, Mozilla Firefox is a means to an end, and proficiency in setting the thing up will be regarded in little or no circles as a tool to impress these girls.
However, as the case often is with us poor sodoff teenage guys, the girls are never impressed.
I did have a point here.
This is what happens when you change around the world's great order, just so that you can hold your silly little Monday test, of which I have heard, today was the penultimate for that of Class 12.
Which basically means, a week later, I may be giving the last monday test of my entire life.

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