Saturday, November 13, 2004

"It's a Long Story"

Me king of the World!
Hehe, just thought I'd blog this picture. Seemed too nice to leave out.
Why am I doing this? Like so many other things thesedays, "it's a long story".
Went for Vidz's Budday lunch today. A somewhat belated Happy Birthday to her, as this year, the Diwali Greetings stole her thunder(and we thought it wasn't possible). She was in a bit of a glum mood, with the backfiring of the festive season, and what (k)not. Hope we cheered her up a good bit.
Also met Prasan(bloglink on side) ages after we last annoyed quizmasters together at quiz. Law school has ravaged the poor childs mind and soul, he's turned commie, and shows up with Jhola in hand, and long hair and mustache. What has come of this world, I ask you, when college turns fine young men into socialists, even outside of the Jhola-touting confines of Delhi University.
I'm just so dissolusioned right now...
Oh, well I'm not. In the wise words of Lennun, La lah-lah-lah life goes on.

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