Wednesday, November 24, 2004

The Interview

My UPENN interview was, in fact, today. Things went pretty much as I had predicted them to go, along with an aditional twist to the tale. Now, as I had mentioned, Vasant Kunj, and finding ones way around it has been a bane in my family for a decent bit of time, thus it was suggested that I leave early, just in case I get a bit lost. Fortunately, traffic was brilliant, and the map I had got was very helpful and accurate, so instead of arriving around about on time, I arrive all of half an hour early for the blessed event, and spend the next good few minutes sitting around in what was, I must admit, a very entertaining living room, what with cute Golden Retriever with passing interest in you, and other shiny looking distractions. Thus, I whiled away the extra time without much care or concern, till my interview started promptly at the destined time.

The interview itself went...quite well I would say. Compared to my more disastrous ones, (one remembers the incident where one told big powerful principal that one wasn't too sure about joining her big powerful school, and that her entrance paper had grammatical while matriarch tried desparately to kick the same one from under the table), and actually went off quite smoothly. The questions I was asked were pretty standard, I would say, and unlike PC, no rude shocks were thrown my way. Which is, I would think, the only thing that really surprised me about the whole process, I seemed to have gotten used to being blasted on "Personal Interviews", and this seeming luxury of niceness was quite a new experience for me. Not even a trip question here or there.
Anyhow, one of the things I talked about was joining DPS, and I think I've said this ad nauseum to myself, that one of the greatest accidents that ever happened to me was joining RKP. The scary thing is, I don't even have the sniff of a new admission about me, as I joined in ninth, and I'm pretty much indistinguishable from the 13 year Kaidis.
This is because of the following reason. I'm a part of around fifty or so people in my batch who qualify as half-breds, the mongrels of DPS R.K Puram. Neither new admissions, nor old students, we're the lost-in-between crowd. We've seamlessly become a part of DPS, and don't even consider any other place to be home, wheras for the "newadmins" of 11th and 12th, the school is more of a two year transit zone. Among our great ranks are illustrious characters like Manisha Roy Choudhary, Anant Dang, Myself!, and other strange yet remarkably vocal creatures, without whom our batch would definitely be lacking in fun and loud characters.
We're the mirch ka tadka, so to speak, of the great dal that is DPS, the spicing put in towards the end for that extra bite.
Forgive me for the incessant food metaphors, but this diwali has really picked up my appetite, and I haven't had a morsel in me for half an hour now. I think I'll go nibble on some chocolate.
That is all.

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