Sunday, November 07, 2004

Lazy Sunday Afternoon

I've often read that you can put subliminal text, or information into most forms of entertainment, and get away with it. Conspiracy theorists have gone on about how our movies contain advertising, propoganda, secret cult messages, and everything in between. Its remarkable any of us have a mind of our own, anymore, with all these messages being sent into our poor little minds.
On the other hand, you have the secret cult-like clans or societies of Dan Brown, which delight in putting subliminal text into more common and open information for the sole purpose that nobody understands it, save a few smartass souls. One would think that you'd have to go through quite a bit of trouble to start doing such things, so I thought I'd start giving it a shot on Blah!
I'm going to becoming a minion of the anti-christ, or some other such nonsense, and transpose secret messages to the rest of my bretheren, who of course, don't read my blog.
This is a remarkably stupid idea, of course, but lets see how many of you spend half a minute scanning through this entry for little secret references, and cryptic messages.
Anyhow, I've been told over this last week by the smarter gender about how males are generally a dumb and senseless lot, which I agree with, and how most of them are royal jackasses, which I'm still in quandry over.
The dumb lot, however, is undeniable. Proof of the same drops daily like Manna from the Heavens, feeding the feminists who wander like Nomads through the Sinai desert. Take for example, the latest titbit(The Americans, who are a lot more prudish than they think they are, spell this word tidbit, as during the victorian times, they thought the word alluded to obvious female body parts) I came across related to the male reaction to a Whale that Exploded in Taipei, Taiwan, which boggled even me. I mean, videos are one thing, but this just took the cake. Go read both articles, if you've got the time, they're not very large.
If you read P.G Wodehouse, which is another thing I've been doing this weekend, aside from qualifying for Crossword Finals at Access 2004, you will confirm your suspicions of not only this, but another universal truth.
To make up for traditional male stupidity, so that the human race can survive in some relative peace, women have been made crazy, so as to let them put up with us. Each one I have seen (okay, I haven't seen too many, but still...), is crazy in her own special way. Of course, when you're in a large school like DPS RKP, these ways often overlap, so you can start broadly classifying them.
However, I will not do this.
You may, however, try.
What are comments for, eh?
They're certainly not for flame wars/telling me that you're stalking me in school.

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impudent chit said...

hmm....what sheer coincidence..are u the same Bhavya whom da head girl of my school raves about?..must say i'm intrigued with respect to if ur as good a speaker as the ppl in my school were loathe to admit... and no women are not really crazy; it's just called "adaptation" due to lack of choice and the limited brain space(which has been annexed by testosterone) that exists in 95%(5% is wishful thinking) of the male homo sapiens..i'll stop now since i dont want to traumatise u more. Cheerio.

PS: classification of females?? u'll run into 1000s!!..i tried.