Monday, July 19, 2004


Me and Vrinda(Vrinda and I, for the pedants) were looking for constants in life, to cheer us up, as well, things aren't that constant right now. You know how they say everything changes, and the only constant is change? Well, they're mostly right, because we came up with pretty much squat. The only few constants we could find weren't anything to take much light from. Examples of this include Abhishek Raman's stupidity, which is a constant value close to the speed of light(3X10^8), and the fact that Manav will inevitably do something at the wrong time.
Other examples were far more depressing, and included Safdarjung Enclave's staid and boring Central Market, whose most remarkable development in 16 years of my life has been the change of the major provision store's name from Machanda's, to Citi-Store(Yay...).

On the other hand , there are these insane amounts of constants in physics and chemistry, which are highly bugging, as they have large decimal place multipliers accompaning them. Ten raised to the power of nineteen is a bit much for life.

But then, change can be good too, I would pretty much like change right now, rather than continue with current scenario types. Its a constant fight, me thinks.

Did they get you to trade, cold comfort for change?

Sums it up pretty well, I think. Except that our constants aren't much comfort right now.
So I think I'll take change this once. May interesting things start happening to me.

Writing is quite thereputic in times like these, though, so there are probably going to be a profusion of blog entries over the next two weeks, at least till the Columban, where I'm doing pretty much jack all aside from hitting my books(in frustration, of course).

Ah, I think I have found in this keyboard a vent for all pent up frustapa, and thingummys.

Good, good.

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