Wednesday, July 14, 2004


Ah, its that time of the year again. Actually, this time of the year comes around very very rarely, some years, never at all. This year, with the grace of god, it has.

Yeah, I'm babbling, but hey, pears have arrived. They come only ever so often, the nice ones, that is, the ones that drip juice, and dissolve in your mouth. They come for all of three weeks in a year, and then dissapear with haste.

Pears are, by far, the nicest fruit. There are, of course, two kinds. The first are nasty, and hard, and have no juice. The second kind are my favorite, and are here at last. So I'm going to have a grand old time, and enjoy them while they last (which is not very long)


Ah, impending doom will finally hit tomorrow.

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