Monday, July 26, 2004

No need to go down...Stairs!

Ah, what a wonderful day it was. Aside from the joke of rainfall that we recieved, which is, quite frankly, Indradev's way of saying "Nyah Nyah, suckers", and the horrendous march past practice, it was everything Mondays generally aren't.
First, I had a decent Physics Monday test, in which I may get 23, if I'm lucky. Thats on 25, so me understandably happy.
Then, during end of MT, one finds out that our class has finally been shifted to first floor of F Block, ending our days of misery on the third floor.
Now, it used to be fine and all when we were in 11th, and had lots of company up on third floor, but in 12th, all other sections are posted either on first, or second floors of E or F block. We've been up all alone, and its been terrible. Aside from the ignominity of having the climb three goddamn flights of stairs just to reach ones class, and various trips up and down for reaching any other class, the third floor is amazingly hot, compared to closer to ground level classes. Also now poor Copal dear no longer has to go down...stairs.

I've got into a good bit of trouble, apparently, with some Bewnis from Humanities, as they have taken some strange offence to being called the Dregs. Firstly, I cannot take credit for coining the phrase, "Dregs of Humanities"(though I wish I could). The phrase itself was coined by one Manav Kapur, and has merely been adopted by us for describing the general breed of a DPS humanities student. One must say that it is quite a clever pun. Anyhow, the Bewnis have responded with an even cleverer come back of their own. They're calling us, (dramatic pause) The Dregs of Science!
Well, creative they are not, but hey, lets give them five on five for effort. They've even made noises about setting up a hate blog dedicated to flaming me. Wow. I feel honoured.

Switch topic.
Our class has outdone itself, for our class assembly, we have chosen the topic "Monsoon", and me expected to deliver speech on the same. Gaah. Methinks I shall narrate story of Indra's thousand eyes, just to smite the bugger, and prevent getting Tamatars thrown at me.

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