Thursday, July 22, 2004

DPS is a funny funny place. Now, I ask you, could the two gents above ever be considered even moderately attractice(two gents being me and PC)?

Lets face it, PC looks like an overgrown kid, and I just look fast asleep. In any other school of Delhi, we'd be cast aside as evil gargoyles, not fit to be included in decent conversation. Except we're in DPS, and in DPS, people, and more specifically, members of the opposite sex, are insane.

This is why PC has a couple of Dregs (of Humanities) staring and following his ass around, and loudly commenting on it. This is why stranger, nuttier eleventhies seem to think I'm an acceptable pass for someone you can have a crush on.

This is why I love my school. There's hope for the least of us. Well, almost, hehe.

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