Tuesday, July 06, 2004

The Dynamics of the End-Day

Ah, exams ended today, on the worst possible note, especially after four wunnerful papers. I'm doing the worst I've done in a paper since class 9, but anyhow, why bother with such trivialties.

Well, done with the exam, as tradition has it, we and most of DPS decided to go for movie at Priya. Troy was on, and for once, our post exam excursion was actually worth a watch.

It was a nice epic type movie, which is deserving of a decent review, but this is not what todays blog is about. This blog will attempt to explain what happens when a school as big as DPS finishes its exams, and decides to go out.

First of all, there's the fun of spotting. You reach the hallowed Vasant Lok market, and to pass time, go "Oh,look, its so and so", as if its a great surprise that they are there. But its time honoured tradition, and you must do it.
Then comes the magic of discovering that people who were to turn up have ditched, and a completely new set of friends have arrived to replace them. This is quite convinient, as you need people to sell those extra tickets you now have in your pocket, and thus begins the drama of convincing so and so to buy them.

With this tamasha over, you finally watch the movie, during which, you make large amounts of smartass comments, to compete with the 200 other dipsites in theatre making smartass comments. The three people in the theatre who are not dipsites are naturally, quite perturbed.

Ah, but the real fun happens after the movie. At this point, one has to decide where to pass the rest of the time. This is not so much fun for poor market wallahs, who have to watch in agony, as huge tide of dipsites first enter Barista, realise there is no space, exit, go around to n number of places, re enter barista, and order, yes, nothing at all. At somepoint during this interval, a group of 10 people will decide to pool in all of 40 bucks, and buy the cheapest thing avalible on the menu. But it serves the Barista people right, everything is now overpriced, and shodddy. Their scrabble, for instance, has letters that are now faded to oblivion, and they won't use any of their money to renew them. Oh, and the guitar has also gone missing, so we didn't have the usual recital by one Shravan "Bobby" Verma, a selfdecribed "hardcore", yet five foot nothing, 20 kilo guy.

Done with this, the crowd may or may not decide to move, and if a decent conversation strikes up, will definitely not. Thus, the entire barista will be occupied by exam-khatam, stress releasing teenagers. I wish I could describe exactly what thats like, but words fail me.

On to specifics. Today itself was more fun than average. On most days, you only get to see present dipsites. Today, by quirk of fate, all the big boys of our senior batch, with nothing else to do before they joined college, decided to show up at Reliance Web World, for gaming. Then, we met Bongo, Shapes, Keerthi and assorted rabble from two batches senior, who also had a reunion of sorts while watching troy. Later, we played scrabble, in a sort of Old "Hum Do Hamare Do" vs current "Hum Do Hamare Do" team duel. (Hum do hamare do is the name of school quiz team) We lost, but to be quite fair ,the old chaps cheated. Nuts to them.

With that done with, and a good day after a long painful couple of weeks of summer holidays, life returns to normal. Next two months are loaded with fun fun fun, and life is all cheery again.

Just hope it rains a little more...

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