Friday, July 16, 2004

Life, Don't talk to me about life

Oh, today's just been a brilliant day. In fact, the whole week has been one big mistake. Its one of those times when you just want to go to sleep, wake up a day later, and forget everything, except I can't even do that, as I'm getting all of six hours of sleep a day, of my own damn will(well, my body's, anyway).

DIVERSION: By the way, MTV at five in the morning is quite good. They play a lot of classic rock, and have videos you'll never have seen before. I saw the uncut light my fire, in concert today, along with a host of decent stuff. Some advantages of getting no sleep.

Back to the point. Firstly, doom hit as expected. My exam results were unbelievably bad, and I have plenty of opportunity to "learn from my mistakes, and prepare for the boards".
For all you nosy parkers who want a quantification of how terribly I did, how does 76% sound?

Right, so after that, you'd think things would start looking up, but no. Now I have to organise a debate for class 12, who are all in decent depression after exams, and are preparing for Monday test to make up for it. This basically means that no one in their right minds will want to participate, so the debate will be quite a flop. Thankfully, later this day, I managed to get the debate postponed by a week. This will be "a good thing", and all might turn out to be fine again.

Then, of course, the day got better. There was "President's Meeting", where they called presidents of all clubs, and informed them that March Past Practice would be beggining, for our investiture ceremony. Frr crissakes, investiture now? We've been on active duty for three months!
Ah, but its at any rate an excuse to make us look as stupid and out of place as humanly possible, and ruin our mornings, because, hey, don't we just deserve it?
Anyhow, since all my science classes are in the morn, I shall not be attending the March Past practice, come whatever the consequences. I'll get a lot of yellings, thats for sure, but hey, lets balance the scales over here. On one side, worst case scenario suggests that I get yelled at and excommunicated, ruining half an hour of my day, on the other hand, I miss classes, don't understand anything, get horrible marks, have an "understanding" Chem Teacher tell me that those horrible marks are perfectly acceptable(which makes it worse), put those horrible marks on my college transcripts, and get no scholarship. Then, assuming I don't make it to law school, I get no decent college, and the next four years of my life might pass something like Bhaiyya's college years. So its not a major brainer. I'm picking the yelling over the, excuse me for the melodramitic tinge, ruining of life. Karan is in Cahoots with me on this one, and we shall plead our case come Monday. Expectedly, we shall be a big big let down to our teachers, but hey, life's like that.

The choice, however, is not as easy for my friends in higher places, PC and Damini, who are pretty much obligated to go for "March Past". Ah, well, its their life, and their path. Mine not to reason why.

Anyhow, all will work out in the end. I have unerring belief in that. As long as I do what I feel is right.

Yeah, fine, I'm upset. So I'll shut up now.

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