Monday, July 05, 2004

The "Furry" of the Monsoons

Oh, ye of little faith, who dismissed the sprinkling showers a couple of days ago, see what the rain gods have wrought upon us! Today, we had mother of all thundershowers(By Delhi's standards, of course. Even regular monsoon rain in Kerala put anything we experience here to shame), which unleashed, so to speak, the full furry of the monsoons upon Dilli Nagar.

Now, Delhi is a city that is completely incapable of dealing with this kind of weather, for the simple fact that no ones really bothered to make it capable. The general belief is, whats the point? And to be quite frank, its well founded, something like this happens only once or twice a year,if the monsoon's bad, then it never happens, and you can't really budget for that. So, basically, Delhi just simply packs up. Roads get flooded, traffic ceases to move, electricity is simply taken off, to prevent anything from shorting out. Its comical, really, and quite fun while it lasts.

Now, today's thunderstorm also brought with it a bit of a tragedy. My poor, termite attacked, long standing Gulmohar had half of its branches simply torn of by one lusty blow of wind. These branches also, unfortunately, fell onto the power lines next to them, and caused quite a fireworks display. One is not sure whether the tree will last now, its been through a lot, and its contempory had already bitten the dust a few years back.

Remarkably, this caused our electricity to be gone for only 3 hours, and considering two of those hours, it was raining, its quite an admirable feat, from the good men at BSES.

Ah, exams get over tomorrow, and life returns again, to somewhat resembling normal. Can't wait to get back to regular school, there's not much of that I've got left.
Enjoy it while it lasts, eh?

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