Friday, July 09, 2004


Yeah, yeah, so Quiz Club, along with me and PC are organising and holding inQUIZistion(corny, ain't it?), an inter section quiz for classes 11 and 12th on Monday, in the first four periods. It oughta be good fun, the questions are nice and workable(most of them), and it oughta be quite competetive. A lot of enthusiastic eleventhies wanted details about the stuff, so we're expecting good participation, too.

So any dipsites in the age group reading this are of course encouraged to take part. Worst comes to worst, you miss the first period, while giving qualifying.

Statuatory warning to anyone ever giving a quiz who's questions are prepared by me and PC. To get a lot of the answers, you have to think like us, and please bear in mind that we're a couple of filthy perverts.

Columban Invitations

Ah, it was a big old day for quizzing. The invitations for the Columban Open Quiz arrived. Its on the 5th, 6th, and 7th of August, and the prize money's finally up (yay). This year, its being done my Aditya Mubai, and one hopes he can keep it at its high standards., its nice again.

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