Friday, July 30, 2004

March finally Passed

Yeah, so we had our big fat DPS investiture today, over halfway through our term. Its basically a big old excuse to get Salman Khurshid and Narender Kumar over, for some odd reason, because, quite frankly, we're a little sick of them. Fine, President and Chairman, DPS society and all, but for crissake! They're here all the time!

Anyhow, it lead me to make quite a few discoveries. Lets list them out.

  1. Doing things I despise hurts my essense. Meaning: I got acidity the night before, and the day of march past, and it went away right after the whole rigmarole.
  2. When a hell of a lot of people are made to dress up in a manner that reaches the broader limits of audacity, the whole looks a lot better than the individual. Meaning: 100 twits marching looking like a bunch of deranged politicians look a lot better than just me dressed up like deranged politician.
  3. Minus the tiranga sash, and Nehru (may he live a thousand lives as a Chinese Massuese in one of their industrial hamlets) Topi, I look quite decent in simple kurta pyjama.
  4. I still have the amazing gift of saying the wrong thing, very loudly, at the wrong time.
  5. Oh, unrelated, but at tuition today, I formulated my great law of mathematics. "Two rights will eventually lead you back to the same thing". This law was first postulated for Componendo-Dividendo, which, by the way, if you do twice to the same expression ,you end up with the original expression. Now, this is just a one step deal. In integration, you can go five six steps, do a lot of work, and still end up with what you started with. Its incredible.
I'm pretty sure I made a few more, but I can't recall right now. All in all, after the conclusion of horridness in the morning, it ended up being quite a nice day.

That is all.

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FYI, bhavya,

aadisht=hot hot HOT stuufff. chocolate boy underdog types. loyal, reliable, sensitive and fun kinda dude.